Fox’s Press Release on World Series Game 4 Ratings

We have the Fox Sports World Series Game 4 announcement on the ratings. Interesting to note the local ratings. St Louis and Boston are first and second respectively as expected. Providence, Hartford and Kansas are next to round out the Top Five. Fox says it expects to win the broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday night […]

2013 World Series Game 4 Draws Series-High 16 Million Viewers

One aspect of the 2013 World Series is that it has won every night for Fox. This is particularly true for Game 4 of the Fall Classic on Sunday which is a very competitive night on both broadcast and cable. The game drew a 9.4 rating with a 15 share and a series high 16 […]

2013 World Series Game 3 Has Crazy Ending and Wins Night for Fox

This from Fox. It saw a 7.4 rating and 14 share for the bizarre Game 3 that saw St. Louis win on an obstruction ruling. Fox averaged 12.5 million viewers and it resulted in a primetime win for the network. It beats last year’s Game 3 which had a record low 6.1/11 and just 10.5 […]

2013 World Series Game 2 Steers Fox to Primetime Win

This from Fox Sports, we learn that the World Series is drawing better numbers from last year. For Thursday night’s Game 2 that assured that the St. Louis-Boston series will go at least five games, Fox received an 8.3 rating and a 14 share. That is up 6% from last year. And the game averaged […]

2013 World Series Game 2 Overnight Ratings

We have the overnight ratings for Game 2 of the 2013 World Series. With the St. Louis Cardinals winning 4-2, we’re assured of at least 5 games. Fox has to be happy knowing there won’t be a sweep. There are some interesting numbers from last night. First, the game garnered a 9.5 rating with a […]

2013 World Series Game 1 Draws Bigger Viewership Than 2012 Opener

With two teams that have strong regional followings, Game 1 of the World Series saw a higher viewership for Fox than in 2012. The Game drew an 8.6 rating St. Louis at Boston. That’s up significantly from the 7.6 for last year’s opener which featured the Detroit Tigers at San Francisco Giants. In addition, the […]

2013 American League Championship Series Ends on an Up Note for Fox

The Boston Red Sox clinched the American League Championship Series and the win in Game 6 steered the city to its best ratings of the series. In addition, Fox saw a 20% from last year’s National League Championship Series Game 6 which aired on Fox. Saturday night’s ratings resulted in a 5.5 national rating with […]

National League Championship Series on TBS Averages 5 Million Viewers

With the National League Championship Series over, the final viewership numbers are out. Turner is happy with what it garnered for a six game series, two games more than last year’s American League Championship Series that ended in a sweep. For TBS, the clinching Game 6 for the St. Louis Cardinals, a 9-0 blowout of […]

Looking at the TBS Era of MLB Postseason Coverage, 2007-13

In 2006 when TBS signed its contract to take over most of the MLB Postseason, it was coming in at a time when ESPN and Fox were reducing their commitments. ESPN was starting its big $1 billion/year contract for Monday Night Football. Fox which was wrapping up its contract airing 3-6 League Division Series games, […]

Fox Sees Solid Ratings for ALCS Game 4 on Wednesday

With Detroit’s win over Boston on Wednesday and the American League Championship Series guaranteed to go at least six games, Fox saw a solid number. Overall, ALCS Game 4 received a 5.2 rating with a 9 share along with an average audience of 8.1 million viewers. The 5.2/9 is up 37% from last year’s National […]

National League Championship Series is Up on TBS

The National League Championship Series continues to draw for TBS. Last night’s Game 4 on TBS drew a 3.5 rating last night with an average audience of 5.8 million viewers. The four games are averaging a 3.2 rating and five million viewers. That’s up 23% and 22% respectively from 2011 when TBS last carried the […]

American League Championship Series Game 3 Draws Decently for Fox

The American League Championship Series drew some decent numbers for Fox. With a pitching duel between the Red Sox’ John Lackey and Detroit’s Justin Bieb… Verlander, Fox drew a 3.7/8 for ALCS Game 3. That resulted in an average audience of 5.6 million viewers. That’s up 37% from last year’s NCLS Game 3 (2.7/6 and […]

American League Championship Series Game 2 Does Well for Fox

Against Sunday Night Football on NBC, the American League Championship Series scored fairly well for Fox. Thanks to the lead-in from the NFL on Fox late afternoon game between the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots, the network saw a decent number for the ALCS Game 2 between Detroit and Boston. Overall, Fox saw […]

Fox is Happy over ALCS Game 1 Numbers

This from Fox Sports. For Game 1 of the American League Championship Series between Boston and Detroit which resulted in a 1-0 Tigers win and almost resulted in a no-hitter, Fox received a respectable 4.2/8 rating with an average audience of 6.8 million viewers. This is up 2% from last year’s Game 1 of the […]

TBS Compares NLCS Ratings to 2011

TBS is spinning its National League Championship Series ratings to 2011 when it last carried the NLCS. And when you do that, TBS can say its ratings are up. In fact, TBS is saying its two games of this year’s NLCS is averaging a 3.0 household rating and 4.7 million viewers. That’s up 50% and […]

TBS Coverage of NLCS Game 1 Up From When It Last Aired The Series

With a 13 inning thriller, TBS saw increased ratings for Game 1 of the National League Championship Series as compared to when it last aired the NLCS in 2011. For the opening game of Los Angeles at St. Louis, TBS received an average household rating of 3.5 and an average viewership of 5.5 million. That’s […]

2013 MLB League Championship Series Schedule

With MLB’s Final Four complete, it’s now time for the League Championship Series schedule. Now in this round, Fox and TBS will split the LCS. Fox airs the American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers. TBS will air the National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and […]

Fox Airs the 2013 American League Championship Series

Starting on Saturday, the American League Championship Series will begin in Boston. Fox Sports will air the series in its entirety as the Red Sox will take on either the Detroit Tigers or the Oakland Athletics. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver will call their final League Championship Series together. Ken Rosenthal and Erin Andrews will […]

TBS Airs the 2013 National League Championship Series

Starting on Friday, TBS’ coverage of the MLB Postseason continues with the National League Championship Series. TBS has two hallmark MLB franchises, the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers. These two teams last met in the NLCS in 1985 with Redbirds taking the series in six games. The series begins Friday night and will […]

The Week Ahead in Sports Media, October 7 — 13, 2013

Back with an overdue Week Ahead post. Lots of things happening in the Week Ahead so let’s not delay any further and get to what’s happening in the Sports Media over the next seven days. TELEVISION PBS Frontline The already controversial PBS Frontline documentary “League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis” airs in two parts […]