About Fang’s Bites

Fang’s Bites began innocently in 2005 when Kenneth Fang, a frustrated former radio news reporter, was looking for an outlet for his sports opinions. After realizing that his blog had no readership, he decided to focus on the sports media, but after several starts and stops, he stopped blogging and left the account open.

For two years, the blog was hit by various spammers, but every once in a while, Ken would check to see if the account was still open, which it surprisingly was.

Then on May 2, 2007, Ken suddenly received inspiration to start Fang’s Bites anew. He decided to blog every day to see if people would start reading and after discovering that he had at least ten regular visitors, he kept blogging. First, he was happy with 100 visitors, but as the blog grew, so did the hits. Eventually, the blog has grown to 2,500 unique hits each day and to three million unique visitors.

As the years have progressed, Fang’s Bites has grown to be respected by the sports media as a destination for linkage, press releases and critiques.

Ken is single and lives in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. A former award-winning radio news reporter, he provides his unique insight on sports radio and television whenever he can. He does not blog in the basement except during the summer when he tries to escape the humidity and mosquitoes.

In addition to his own site, Ken contributes to Awful Announcing. He has made several sports radio guest appearances across the country and in Canada sharing his expertise on the sports media.

On January 22, 2010, Fang’s Bites moved from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site. The original host kicked Fang’s Bites off due to too much traffic and in April 2010, the site moved to the unpredictable Host Monster servers where it stayed until April 2014.

Fang’s Bites has now moved to the Bloguin platform which should be its home for many years to come.

Ken is available for interviews to provide his perspective on the sports media and can be reached at kzf1@fangsbites.com. He is also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.