Keeping an Eye on Chinese Super League Transfers

Unlike the European winter transfer window which closed on Jan. 31, the Chinese Super League transfer window closed last week, on Feb. 28. A host of European-based players moved east to the Chinese Super League during that time period. While the winter window generally receives less notoriety than during the summer, there are a few […]

NFL Fun Day: Sunday Week – 11 Betting Odds

The thunderstorm is not too far. The champions have taken their position for the upcoming Super Bowl of this 17-week tournament. The days of National Football League are heading to its end where 16 teams from both the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) chase to wear the crown of this championship. […]

Here are the Top Pitchers in Major League Baseball for 2018

The 2018 MLB season is technically far from over because we’re still waiting to see who captures October glory in the World Series. But in reality, 26 organizations have already turned the page to the offseason and are gearing up for the next few months leading into next March. Some players are happy the regular […]

How Manchester City has Risen to Gain dominance in Europe

In football, there is always a massive contest in the fight to win the title among the top clubs all over the world. The stakes involved are quite high, and the only way to achieve new milestones is by consistently putting impressive results week in week out. Manchester city under the Pep Guardiola’s tenure has […]

Reasons Online Games Are So Incredibly Popular

There is absolutely no doubt that entertainment has changed significantly over the years. In the early days, most people listened to the radio to kill their time. Then, the television was introduced and it stole the spotlight. Today, more and more people are playing online games and this is not a coincidence. There are tons […]

Best 11 at the 2018 World Cup

Argentina have such an array of attacking talent that trying to squeeze them all into one starting 11 is impossible but one of the more surprising ones is that tends to be sat on the bench, especially in Argentina’s first game was Paulo Dybala. Dybala has set Serie A alight this season with his displays […]

The Mariners have become experts in winning close games

We just talked about how dominant the Houston Astros have been during their current winning streak, which has now reached nine games. It doesn’t matter what they do right now, though, because they can’t seem to shake the Seattle Mariners. Houston improved to 46-25 after beating the Kansas City Royals Friday night by a score […]

NFL favorites starting to take shape

NFL favourites starting to take shape Heading towards December, the NFL regular season is starting to come towards the back-end of its schedule and the picture for the playoffs and the Super Bowl is starting to take shape. 32 teams will swiftly be whittled down to 12, with six teams in each division vying to […]

The 2018 Grand National

The Grand National is the important handicap in European jump racing so it comes as no surprise that the weights have always played a major factor. With prize money up to £1 million and an estimated audience of around 600 million it further backs up how big the event is on a whole. Following the […]

Bills sign A.J. McCarron to two-year deal

  Our friend at picked up a report that claimed The Bills have completed the signing of A.J. McCarron on a two-year deal. According to reports from Pro Football Rumours, The Bills have signed A.J. McCarron that will see the former Bengals signal caller at his side on a two-year deal. McCarron, for now, […]

The 2018 NHL Playoff Race Has Never Been More Exciting

The National Hockey League or NHL, is a US based professional hockey league that has 31 professional teams 24 or whom are located in the US and seven in Canada. The League actually began in Montreal in 1917 and has steadily grown in popularity and size since that time. Today the NHL is the premiere […]

NBA Trade Deadline Updates

It’s no secret that Avery Bradley is on the trade block, as he doesn’t really fit into the style of play the Clippers run.Bradley has seen a serious dropoff in his production this season, as he’s averaging only 14.8 points and 2.1 assists per game. He was more involved offensively as a member of the […]

Classis Patriots vs. Bill Matchups

The Bills and Patriots have been playing each other since 1960. Today’s game marks yet another chapter in this classic rivalry.  According to, the Patriots should notch another win in this series, but the game still needs to be played. There have been some very memorable match ups between the two ball clubs. The […]

Moments that have shaped the playoff betting odds

It seems like yesterday that the NFL season was getting underway, but with week 11 now behind us, we actually have two thirds of the regular season consigned to the pages of history. We are definitely onto the final straight as we head into Thanksgiving weekend. From there, there will be little between us and […]

Things to Consider Before Making Your NFL Picks

The NFL is in full flow and picks for the weekends are coming thick and fast. We’ve already seen some incredible results over the last few game weeks and it’s almost certain to throw up some more thrillers over the next few weeks. If you’re looking to make some picks to devastate your mates, though, […]

What to Watch in NFL Week 3

Week 3 of the NFL season is almost upon us. After playing out the first two games, teams have a better idea of what to expect from each other. There’s adjustments that have been made and actual game tape for opponents to observe. How this will play a role in fantasy football, particularly daily fantasy […]

Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]

Save 5% on Finals Tickets with Promo Code “TSD5”

A week from now both the NBA and NHL seasons may very well be over and a champion crowned.  But as of today, there are games to be played which means you still have a chance to catch some of the action live!  Finals tickets never come cheap, but today we’ve got a promo code that […]

The Crack Down on DFS Has Begun

Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) is finding itself in an increasingly vulnerable position. We have reached a stage where the explosion of this pursuit has led to the authorities becoming involved. As time goes on, lawmakers are taking firm action.  The crackdown on DFS has begun, and it’s happening for some pretty sleazy reasons. Nevada Takes […]

Basketball by the numbers – How To Profit

Handicapping basketball can be a fun and profitable venture. But like betting on football or any other sport, there are some key numbers that handicappers need to understand if they want to use them for their benefit. And while key numbers are most prevalent in betting on football, where a high percentage of games land […]