Basketball by the numbers – How To Profit

Handicapping basketball can be a fun and profitable venture. But like betting on football or any other sport, there are some key numbers that handicappers need to understand if they want to use them for their benefit.

And while key numbers are most prevalent in betting on football, where a high percentage of games land on the numbers three and seven, many bettors are not aware that there are certain key numbers in the NBA. With that, here rs a couple of key numbers in basketball that every better should be aware of.

First is two. This is probably the most important of all key numbers, especially in the NBA for obvious reasons, because a game that features a two-point favorite in all probability will create a very close game situation. Those close games are often decided by a final shot by the favorite. NBA Oddmakers will often be cautious  in situations like these and adjust the lines accordingly.

For example, let’s say one team starts out as a one-point favorite and then the other team goes off as a one-point favorite, which happens quite a lot in basketball. If it is a close game and it happens to fall on one or two, that number can be bad for handicappers.

Seven is also a key number in basketball betting, because that’s about the number of points at which a team will quit giving up intentional fouls in the final minute in an attempt to get back into the game.

Many basketball handicappers have seen their wagers surrendered to the house after wagering on a 6 1/2 -point dog in a close game only to see their team lose by seven in the final seconds.

However, handicappers need to pay attention to matchup with teams that have good perimeter shooting, as the 3-point shot will keep most good-shooting basketball teams in a game, even when they are trailing by double digits.

Finally, in college basketball, the most common final score lands between two and five points, with three being the most popular number overall.  Basketball handicappers will need to adjust their key numbers strategy when switching from the pros to the college ranks.

In the end, handicappers often like to argue that there are no key numbers in basketball, but the reality is that there is.

And while in football handicappers spend a lot of time worrying about why a line was set at three and in which direction it is likely to move. In basketball, it is not nearly as significant. But bettors still need to be concerned about whether the line as it stands signifies value.

The best approach here is that if a handicapper understands the significance of key numbers in football, they should see that the possibility of a couple of a key numbers in the NBA could led them to make decisions that could be profitable. G0ing to can help you understand the game better and help you earn money off your wagering.

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