How Manchester City has Risen to Gain dominance in Europe

In football, there is always a massive contest in the fight to win the title among the top clubs all over the world. The stakes involved are quite high, and the only way to achieve new milestones is by consistently putting impressive results week in week out. Manchester city under the Pep Guardiola’s tenure has risen to become a dominant force worth reckoning with. From signing quality players on high fees to the style of play on the pitch, it’s hard to resist that Manchester City is one of the biggest clubs in world football at the moment.

Having had a fantastic season last time out, Guardiola and his team went to break many records and finished off the season as the undisputed champions. Despite the criticism on the amount of money spend on transfers, Manchester city has kept some good performance to prove everyone that it was not all in vain. Some of the Manchester city records for last season include;

Most points by a single team

City enjoyed their best season last time out racking a total of 100 points out of the possible 114. This stellar performance saw the club break the previous record of 95 points of the 2004-05 season previously held by Chelsea. With such an impressive win rate it’s easy for betters to place a bet and expect a positive outcome.

Most Wins

Manchester City became the first premier league club to win 32 games breaking Chelsea’s record of 30 in the 2016-17 season. Cruising so easily past opponents makes it even easier to predict which team is likely to win whenever City play.

Most number of goals

The team scored a total of 106 goals, and once again it’s no surprise to see its Chelsea’s record of 103 goals during the 2009-10 seasons when they won the league being broken. It takes some real quality to score as many goals and for sure City has a lot of that in their arsenal.

Least trailing time

Manchester City trailed for only 153 minutes throughout the entire 2017-18 season making it the least time recorded in a single premier league campaign by any team. This shows how dominant City is and how opponents struggle to play against such a strong side.

Most away wins

In 2004-05 Chelsea enjoyed 15 wins on the road accumulating to 45 points and last season City broke that record by winning 16 of their away games. That meant they took 48 points from the away fixtures thanks to a Gabriel Jesus winning goal at St Mary’s stadium on the last day of the season.

Best goal-difference ever

Basing on the number of goals scored you expect the goal difference to be pretty high. Manchester City recorded a +79 goal difference breaking Chelsea’s +71 thanks to their free-scoring form.

The highest number of consecutive wins

In the 2017/18 season City won 18 straight games in a row without dropping a single point. That saw the team break Arsenal’s record of a 14-match winning streak.

Most passes attempted and completed in a match

Manchester City has been outplaying opponents for a while now. Their style of playing makes it hard for the other team to have a touch of the ball. For instance, the Cityzens attempted 1015 passes against Swansea to become the highest number since records started being taken. Of those passes, 942 of them were completed, to sum up, a 92.8% success rate, the best by any premier league side.

The largest gap to the second placed team

In 1999-2000, Manchester United won the league with a difference of eighteen points. Now in the 2017-18 season, the rivals from the other side of town broke that record by beating Southampton in the final day of the season. That meant City maintained a difference of 19 points from second-placed United.

Manchester City’s dominance is something that is easy to notice considering the success the club has recorded of late.  By thrashing opponents match after match, it makes sense that City is always a favorite to win whenever in the field. The team has high-quality players who can deliver good results anytime. For gamblers looking to make extra cash, then betting on Manchester city is a worthwhile investment. Cases of losing are quite low, and you are almost guaranteed that you will win. However, with betting, you can never be so sure so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Also, take advantage of promo codes on reliable sites such as Jackpotjoy to make the best out your bet. Also, bet while considering the kind of game and its significance.