Best 11 at the 2018 World Cup

Argentina have such an array of attacking talent that trying to squeeze them all into one starting 11 is impossible but one of the more surprising ones is that tends to be sat on the bench, especially in Argentina’s first game was Paulo Dybala. Dybala has set Serie A alight this season with his displays and based on’s rating system sits at 7.77 which is ridiculously high when you think that Cristiano Ronaldo managed a 7.94.

Based upon this we decided to go against the World Cup betting trends and look at the team that is the highest rated going to the tournament, can you imagine your nation taking on this team? I think we’d spend the entire game watching through the gaps in our fingers! Many punters will be wondering what Brazil odds world cup are as they still sit as 4/1 favourites despite their dropped points against Switzerland.