Saturday Links, Finally

It sucks when your day is planned for you and you find that you keep getting interrupted for silly little things. I’m at work again, stuck in the home office and trying to actually get work done and hoping to get a link or two in, but I’m finding it extremely difficult today. As I […]

Wednesday Night Links

Just when you think it’s safe to be free from linkage, you get some more. You know that game show Wipeout ABC was promoting during the NBA Finals? The show looks like a ripoff of Ninja Warrior on G4. Well, Awful Announcing has discovered who the host will be. The one good thing is the […]

The Monday Night Update

There’s a lot to get to including CBS naming the announcing team for the Elite XC mixed martial arts event it will carry later this month, plus a few other things. So let’s get to them now. First, Phil Swann of the TV Predictions website says Fox Sports Net plans to broadcast its entire lineup […]

Saturday Links

Sorry for the delay in fresh material. Last night, my computer shut down on me and I thought I would not get it back. And I had to leave my house early this morning and just returned so I give you some overdue links. First, the Dallas Morning News’ Barry Horn writes that the NBC […]

It's Your Monday Night Update

Time to give you an update this evening. First, thanks to Neil Best, I give you the farewell column by Dan Le Batard as he leaves the Miami Herald. In his column, Le Batard mentions that he’s also leaving ESPN, but will return from time to time. Speaking of Neil, he mentions that Sirius Satellite […]

Quickie Thursday Night Links

I’m going to try to give you some links in between segments of Lost. Here we go. Ted Hearn of Multichannel News reports that FCC Chairman Kevin Martin will not adopt any special rules to help the NFL Network in its fight against Comcast. Newsday’s Neil Best says YES Yankees analyst John Flaherty is looking […]

A Few Monday Night Links

I’ll give you some linkage here as I watch the Red Sox-Tigers game. Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated has his media power rankings for April and he has some thoughts on the Costas Now muscle-tuscle between author Buzz Bissinger and Deadspin’s Will Leitch. Three links to the Sports Media Watch. First, the SMW says Game […]

Media Odds and Ends

Here are a couple of items for you. The NBA and NHL postseason are causing some conflicts and programming conflicts. First, the NHL has an advisory for Versus viewers in case tonight’s Pittsburgh-New York Rangers game goes over the 10 p.m. start time for Detroit-Colorado. OVERTIME SCENARIO FOR VERSUS’ EXCLUSIVE STANLEY CUP CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS DOUBLEHEADER […]

Late Thursday Links

I wasn’t planning on giving more links today, but there are enough stories for me to give you an update. Two things from Darren Rovell’s Sports Business blog at First, Darren looks into who bought the David Ortiz Red Sox jersey that had been buried in the new Yankee Stadium foundation. Next, Darren is […]

Some Monday Night Stuff

Ok, let’s give you some linkage as it appears the Montreal Canadiens will advance to the second round of the NHL playoffs. Starting with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch, he has his weekly Media Circus column. Bruce Allen of the Boston Sports Media Watch has news from the Comcast SportsNet New England people stating that Game […]

Patriots Day Holiday Links

As I’m in my office in Massachusetts, most of the building is empty as many businesses in the area took Patriots Day off. My office chose not to take it off and it’s actually nice not to have the other offices around today. And it also means the Boston Marathon is underway and the Red […]

Monday Night Linkage

I’ll give you some links here this evening. First, Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber praises ESPN for tackling race issues head on. Pete Dougherty of the Albany Times Union notes that the ratings for The Masters were down slightly on CBS Sunday. Neil Best of Newsday says ratings for The Masters on ESPN set a record […]

Quick Wednesday Linkage

Some links for you here. From his blog, Neil Best of Newsday says “The Odd Couple” is not eligible for his “Best Sports-Themed TV Show” column. And like me, Neil is watching the Par 3 Contest at The Masters on ESPN and notes the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman is caddying for Arnold Palmer. Speaking of […]

Celtics Ratings Are Going Up, Up and Away

Courtesy of Comcast SportsNet New England, the Regional Sports Network reports that its ratings for Celtics games are up a whopping 106% over last season. The Celtics have completed the single season record for biggest turnaround and the ratings have reflected that. While the C’s are not close to Red Sox ratings, this season has […]

Monday Night Update

Let’s give you a few more links this evening. My real-time review of Real Sports will come tomorrow. I will say the Lenny Dykstra story is just amazing. I’ll have the review on Tuesday. My first link is from the former Executive Producer of the Score, WSKO-AM/FM in Providence, John Crowe. From his Crowe’s Nest […]

Late Thursday/Early Friday Update

I’ve been working late into the night, but I did want to pass along some late Thursday night links for you. I still have work to do, but I need to take a break from it so what better time to look for links. If that made sense to you, let me know because I’m […]

Celtics Set A Ratings Record in Boston

Before the current NBA season started, there was talk about how the referee betting scandal would hurt attendance and TV ratings. In addition, there was the Knicks sexual harassment trial which had coach Isiah Thomas and owner James Dolan on the front pages of the New York tabloids every day. And the NBA was coming […]

A Few More Thursday Links

I wasn’t planning to do a Thursday afternoon update, but I saw a few stories that captured my fancy so here we are. First, thanks to Jeff Bercovici of Conde Nast’s Mixed Media blog for linking to my post on Tuesday sarcastically discussing Peter King’s manlove for Brett Favre in the wake of the […]

A Brief Thursday Afternoon Update

Some more links on this Thursday, then I’ll do the Primetime and Late Night links. First, Joe Favorito’s Sports Marketing and PR blog has a good entry today about MLB and the Baby Ruth candy bar coming together for a promotion based on the 100th anniversary of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” that […]

Quick Wednesday Links

I’ve got a lot of work issues to deal with so I’m going to do a quick update, then come back later when everything is done. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand tells us that DirecTV subscribers will get some extra in-depth coverage of The Masters that cable or over the air viewers will not. The Sports […]