Doing Some Thursday Linkage

It’s Thursday already? My goodness, the time flies. Lots of links to get to, so little time. Let’s not delay any further. Jon Weisman at Variety recaps Keith Olbermann’s appearance at the TV Critics Association Tour and notes that his famous “Worst Person in the World” feature from Countdown will move to his new ESPN2 […]

BREAKING NEWS: ESPN/ABC Snags Nate Silver from New York Times; Reportedly Will Join “Olbermann”

Well, here’s a shocker on a late Friday night. It appears “Olbermann” has made its first outside hire and it’s political/baseball statistician Nate Silver. The man who gained prominence using his statistical matrices to correctly call the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections is apparently leaving the New York Times where he was been associated since […]

Churning Out Some Thursday Links

It’s Thursday already? Man, this week is flying by fast. Let’s do some linkage. We begin with Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated who says Keith Olbermann was contrite when his return to ESPN2 was announced. Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead breaks news that Olbermann may make some more buzz for ESPN by hosting a […]

The Keith Olbermann Timeline

Let’s take a look where Keith Olbermann has worked over the years. It’s a very interesting timeline. 1976 — Reporter for United Press International. 1979 — Joins UPI Radio. 1980 — Joins the RKO Radio Network. 1981 — Joins CNN Sports 1984 — Works at WCVB in Boston as the 11 p.m. sportscaster. 1985 — […]

Some Reaction to Keith Olbermann’s Return to ESPN2

Working on a story that will appear in Awful Announcing on the return of Keith Olbermann to ESPN2. In the interim, I’ll provide you with some Twitter reaction from some of Keithy’s former and upcoming ESPN colleagues. Interesting to see who have tweeted. Here’s MLB Network’s and NBC Sports Radio’s Brian Kenny who worked with […]

“Olbermann” to Debut on August 26 on ESPN2

Well, what was thought was truly impossible even as soon as last year has now become a reality, Keith Olbermann will officially return to ESPN2 on August 26 with the premiere of his new late night show titled “Olbermann” (besides, Countdown has been taken already). The show is supposed to premiere at 11 p.m. ET, […]

Bringing Out Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage while I can. We’ll begin with Anthony CrupiCrupiCrupi who has some classic lines in his story on Keith Olbermann’s return to ESPN2. So funny. In the Sherman Report, Ed Sherman is amazed that the napalmed bridges at ESPN have been repaired for Olbermann to come back. I wrote two stories about […]

REPORT: ESPN to Announce The Return of Keith Olbermann

Three different mainstream publications are reporting it and I received a “can’t comment” from an ESPN spokesman, which means this must be true. This is not a sign of the apocalypse nor does it mean that California is about to tumble into the sea. Jon Weisman at Variety, ESPN Tome author Jim Andrew Miller in […]

Some Monday Linkage

Trying to get back into the swing of things after a bad couple of weeks for this site. Been quite busy on the personal front. I hope to provide more original content for you from this point on. Some links for you as a token of appreciation for your patience. Let’s begin with John Ourand […]

Some Long Overdue Friday Sports Media Thoughts

Ok. I’ve owed you some Sports Media Thoughts for a long time and they’re way overdue. I’ll provide three today and hope to write another post before I head to a wedding this weekend. Needless to say, I won’t be updating much from the road. As usual, they come in bullet form, He’s polarizing. He’s […]

TBS Unveils MLB Postseason Announcing Teams … and Keith Olbermann Hosts!

We have the official word from Turner Sports on the main announcing teams for this year’s MLB Postseason coverage. The big news is that Keith Olbermann returns to sports television and has been named as the studio host. He replaces the very capable Matt Winer who hosted TBS’ studio for the previous two seasons. Keith […]

Some Quick Tuesday Linkage

On my way to New York for the Fox Sports 1 unveiling and I’m going to try to do some links with the limited wifi that Amtrak has provided. It’s not the best, but it’ll do for what I need today. Let’s begin with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch who along with Matt Yoder from Awful […]

REPORT: Keith Olbermann Talked With ESPN About A Possible Return

Here’s something that was a bit unexpected when it surfaced this evening. Writing in the New York Times, Jim Andrew Miller, co-author of “Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN,” said Keith Olbermann talked with Alleged Worldwide Leader Il Capo di Tutti Capi John Skipper about possibly returning to Bristol. Olbermann […]

It's A Wednesday Link Thing

Let’s do some linkage for you as we hit mid-week. Once again, a shameless plug. Here are some Quick Wednesday Sports Media Thoughts which were written very early this morning. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks with former ESPN’er Dana Jacobsen who will be part of CBS Sports Radio’s morning show when the network launches in […]