Here’s How To Up Your Poker Game – In Easy Ways

Easy Ways To Improve Your Poker Game

While no list of tips or strategies will teach you how to win every time, there are ways in which to improve your Poker game

Below are just some things to consider when wanting to grow into a more confident and even a more profitable Poker player. 

Play Fewer Hands 

Playing too many starting hands is a mistake that is common among beginners and pro-players alike. 

Since the most basic thing about a Poker game, no matter the game or variety, is betting on your hand being better than your opponents, this also happens to be the most detrimental mistake any player can make. 

Instead of playing every hand that comes up, which will only cause your chips to fall away like water through your fingers, improve your bottomline by developing a solid pre-flop Poker strategy. 

A good approach is to play only strong hands, and when you play, to play those as aggressively as possible. 

About Bluffing 

Bluffing effectively is a must when wanting to up and improve your Poker game. 

Whether or not to bluff should always be something dictated by the cards, meaning a hand with a strong chance of improving. These typically include flush draws, straight draws, and an over-card (or two). 

Defend Your Big Blind

When sitting in the big blind, and you’re being faced with a raise, you’ll typically have better pot odds than the remaining positions at the table. This should be thought of as a discount. 

This puts you in the position of being able to lucratively call with many more hands to come – and more so than in any other position. 

If Unsure – Fold

A great Poker player will lay down even a good hand such as a top pair in the event they believe themselves to be beaten. 

But while this sounds easy to do, it can be hard to resist the temptation to stick in the game regardless. 

The golden rule of thumb is this: whenever you find yourself feeling uncertain about whether to call, fold, bet or raise, go ahead and fold. 

Stick To Solid Poker

When playing in the earlier stages of a Poker tournament, it can be easy to get distracted by thoughts of “survival”. But instead of worrying about how long you’ll last before chipping out, rather focus on playing a solid game and strategy. 

Only once you find yourself short of chips near a pay jump or money bubble should you even begin to think in terms of survival tactics. 

You Should Feel Like It

Whichever way look at it, and no matter what your level of expertise, playing Poker should always be fun. 

The truth of the matter is that your performance will naturally be boosted when you’re feeling happy and feeling as though you actually enjoy playing the game. 

Winning Is A Choice

Avoid joining a table where you know the rest of the players to be all better than you. If this happens, rather opt for online blackjack real money games for a while instead. Always try to position yourself in such a way that you have an actual chance to win. 

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