Pointers for choosing the correct ski equipment for you

Are you interested in skiing or snowboarding? For beginners as well as experts alike all you need is to do is invest in professional grade equipment. As a beginner, you need to get hold of a super knowledgeable staff expert guide to help you with choosing the perfect equipment.

Are you interested to know more about the Rossignol Experience 84 HD? Choosing the ski can be daunting, but we are here for you. You need to pick the right equipment depending on your skill level and physicality and prior injury history. So what do you need to know? Let’s dive right in!

Ski length

First and foremost what you need is your ski, and for that, you need precise measurements for the length of the ski you will need. The truth is there is no magic formula, but experts all around the world are adamant about the height and weight of an individual for choosing the perfect size of the ski. The general rule of thumb is to pick a ski length that is somewhere between the chin and top of the head from the ground level.

  • If your height is 4’4’’ to 4’6’’ you will need a ski length of 130-139 cm
  • For height 4’8’’ to 4’10’’ the ski length is 140-149 cm
  • For height 5’ to 5’2’’ ski length is 150-159 cm
  • For height 5’4’’ to 5’6’’ ski length is 160-169 cm
  • Similarly, 5’8’’ to 5’10’’ ski length should ideally be 170-179 cm
  • 6’ to 6’2’’ ski length should be 180-189 cm
  • For 6’4’’ and above ski length should be above 190 cm

But a general rule of thumb is to go for a ski sizer that is usually smaller than what you need. A carving ski which has a skinnier waist and smaller turn radius is stable as well as much easier to use than the longer professional ones. Rocker skis are easier to pivot between the turns, and you can ski for a longer duration.

You will need a shorter ski if,

  • Beginner or intermediate skier
  • You weigh lower than your ideal weight
  • If you need to make shorter and quick turns
  • Your requirement is a carving ski and camber with no rocker

You will need longer skis if you are,

  • You need to ski fast and aggressively
  • You weigh more than your ideal body weight
  • You are trail skier
  • You are a pro and plan to ski a twin-tip ski
  • You need a ski that has a lot of rockers

Shop for your skis depending on your skill level of – beginner, intermediate or expert. Make sure you are aware of all the steps for choosing your perfect ski and snowboard.

Additionally, you will need to make sure of certain other factors like the ski waist width, turning radius, rocker type, and camber. If you make sure of all the aspects you will never go wrong with choosing the perfect ski for you. All the best!