Tips for purchasing synthetic ice-rinks that provide value for money

Buying is not at all easy, and this applies for anything you buy regardless of the price. Of course, you must be extra careful when purchasing big-ticket items assets such as car, house or even Kwik Rink Synthetic Ice Rink. As synthetic ice rinks grow in popularity, more and more people are installing it at homes especially because you can lay it out on very small spaces too. To buy a synthetic ice rink, you must prepare well so that you know what you need and what you get.  Since several manufacturers offer the product, you must be able to evaluate the offers to judge the specifications and evaluate the price in the right perspective. Although the gliding effect is the prime factor to consider, it is not the only one that you should focus on.

This article will help you to discover some interesting information about synthetic ice rink that you can use as a guide to decide which offer is best for you. It will make you more confident in buying the synthetic ice-rink that is just the one you are looking for. Let us now look at some facts about synthetic ice-rinks that can be useful to make the right purchase.

Ease of gliding

The ease of gliding is the most important factor to judge the performance of synthetic ice surfaces. The plastic surface that emulates natural ice is smooth by default but how well it supports gliding is what you must be able to judge. Besides, the surface must have adequate load bearing capacity so that parking cars on the surface should not be a problem. Heat pressing process of producing the plastic surface provides durability, and use of auto lubricating technology ensures gliding as perfect as 90% of natural ice.


Lubrication plays a significant role as itenhances the better performance of the synthetic ice surface. The lubricant remains embedded within the plastic material and keeps oozing out from the surface thereby ensuring smooth movement of skates. However, you must also investigate the method of manufacturing of the plastic surface and the ingredients used together with its quality.

UV protection

For installing synthetic ice rink outdoor, it must have UV resistant properties so that the product does not change its color when used for a long time. However, being UV resistant alone does not ensure that the color will not change because it can happen if the quality of plastic or polymer is not satisfactory. Poor quality material reduces the chemical stability of the product that becomes discolored.

Proper locking

The synthetic ice panels have a dove-tail system for locking and to ensure adequate locking between panels the floor must be even and uniform. Check that the locking system remains secure over a long time because if it loosens then dirt will pass through it and increase the friction of the surface making skating less enjoyable. Moreover, if water sips through the panel joints and freezes, it will loosen the locking.

Pay attention to the accessories that ensure smooth performance of the rink because poor quality accessories can spoil the skating experience.