World Cup 2022: Group F preview

Less than a month separates us from the start of the main four-year football tournament – the World Cup. The competitions will be held in an unusual period – at the turn of autumn and winter, but still, the traditional atmosphere of the holiday can already be felt.
In this article, we will study in detail Group F, which was formed by Belgium, Croatia, Canada and Morocco. Let’s talk about the chances of each of the teams that got into this quartet, and also provide our forecast for the outcome of the tournament struggle.


Main stars: Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Thibault Courtois.
Best result at the World Cup: 3rd place (2018).

The “golden generation” of the Belgian national team is approaching the final stage of its era. The upcoming World Cup will be the last big tournament for a galaxy of stars. The Belgians confidently jumped into the cohort of favorites of all tournaments of recent years and demonstrate the corresponding results – in the last four major tournaments, the team certainly reached the quarterfinals. And at the last World Championships, she took bronze at all, losing in the semifinals to future champions.

Belgium go to the tournament with the best goalkeeper (Courtois) and the best midfielder (De Bruyne) in the world at the moment. And if you add to them the stellar Azars, Lukaku, Meunier, Vertonghen and others, the composition looms quite like a champion.

After Parimatch tz login, today you can bet on the winner of the tournament. The Belgians are seventh in the list of favorites, the odds for their championship is 13.0.


Main stars: Luka Modric, Marcelo Brozovic, Ivan Perisic.
Best World Cup result: Final (2018).

Croatia also has one of the strongest generations in history. But still, in terms of the number of stars, the “checkered” ones are inferior to the Belgians, respectively, and the requirements from them were more modest. But Modric and company managed to shoot in 2018 and made it to the World Cup final. Yes, there were few chances in the head-to-head match with the French, but the very fact of reaching the final is a grandiose success.

Modric is seriously talking about retirement from football and 90% of World Cup 22 is his last major tournament. Other leaders are also approaching the age when it is worth considering retirement. It is likely that in Qatar we will see the “swan song” performed by the Croats. Slightly alarming is their not very expressive performance at the Euro last year – they passed the group with a scratch, and flew into the playoffs in the first round.


Main stars: Alphonso Davis, Jonathan David.
Best World Cup result: Group stage (1986)

Football in Canada is much inferior in popularity to hockey and even basketball. The national team of this country shows rather modest results. For example, they will go to the World Cup only for the second time in their history.

Canada qualified fairly well, winning the qualifier and scoring 28 points in 14 games. Also, it was the Maple Leaves that became the most productive team – 23 goals scored and the most reliable – 7 missed.

The main star of Canada is Alphonso Davis from Bayern. In general, the national team looks fervent and interesting, but still there may not be enough class to fight against Belgium and Croatia.


Main stars: Youssef En-Nesiri, Sofyan Amrabat.
Best result at the World Cup: 1/8 (1986).

With all due respect, the Morocco national team is a typical example of football tourists. For this team, the mere fact of reaching the World Cup is already a grandiose success. And from the performance at the tournament, you should not expect something very positive.
To reach the Mundial, the Moroccans in the group were ahead of Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Sudan, and beat DR Congo in the playoffs. Not the hardest way, to be honest.
Even in relation to Canada, the composition of Morocco looks much more modest, and with Belgium and Croatia it does not make any comparisons at all.

Our forecast

The leitmotif of the group should be the confrontation between Croatia and Belgium for the first line in the table. Representatives of Europe should confidently cope with other rivals. We dare to assume that the Belgians will be more successful and become the first, Croatia will also go to the playoffs, and Canada will take third place. The ultimate dream of Morocco is a few goals scored and at least one point scored.

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