Work From Home with a Credit Card Processing Job

Work from home jobs are in high demand, and they were getting to be that way even before the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work a necessity in many industries. If you’re looking for options that let you make your own hours and work from your home, you might be surprised to learn that you can still break into certain financial industry jobs as a newcomer, especially credit card processing jobs. The key is understanding which roles in the industry are most open to training newcomers remotely and how they can help you move up in a career that’s rewarding for independently motivated individuals. Not every job has the opportunity, but sales jobs have traditionally been remote in many industries, so getting into a POS reseller program can be your best option for a starting role. If you want, you can even build it out into a business of your own.

Reselling vs. Referrals

Many industry players offer a couple options for those who help them expand their customer bases. The simpler one of the two is lead generation. Essentially, you find ways to market the POS hardware and usually the merchant account solutions and processing agreements people need to make them work. You then collect the names of interested responding parties and funnel them to the company, whose representatives close the sale. It’s simple, payment structures are easy to understand, and it rewards creativity within the program’s terms. The other option is more complex and harder to learn, but it also provides more opportunities for long-term income generation and a chance to build your own independent business locally. That’s joining a reselling program.

Resellers do the work of lead generation and sales, sending completed orders on to the parent company. When those orders include long-term contracts for services like card processing, there are usually residuals offered. The amounts vary, but processors are competitive so you can pretty much count on long-term residuals in any comprehensive point of sale reseller program. If you’ve never done the work before, the secret is finding a company with a good professional development program for their resellers. Look for features like these.

  • Lead generation training
  • Cooperation between referral agents and resellers
  • Marketing strategy resources
  • Mentoring with other independent resellers to better understand the industry
  • Accessible product resources so you can become an expert in their systems

Make Your Own Hours

A lot of the work that comes with being a POS reseller is making contact with customers and then following up on their needs. That means you’ll need to be available when the decision-makers at your client businesses are working, but it also means you can make your own hours through planning and a careful selection of the businesses you most want to serve. In other words, if you like to work early, you target companies that need credit card processing and have earlier hours. If your customers are available in the evening, though, you’ll need to be sure you’re ready to take calls when they are ready to call you for help with a new POS or card processing agreement.

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