Where is Soccer Most Popular

A study has been made in 2018, where it was found out that around 43% of world’s population has been a huge fan of soccer game. Over 250 million people are known to be playing this sport on a regular organized basis. It is, no doubt, one of the most popular sports game and won’t be slowing down for the time being.

There are multiple reasons for this game to be so popular worldwide. It is true that organized game has its rules, but people generally care less for restrictions and play to codes. Unlike any of the other sports, which are decided by coaches, the soccer team always has to improve on field and then cope up with the unexpected turn of games.

Pretty cheap to play:

Let’s not forget that soccer is not an expensive game, per say. Even though most teams playing in a league might need players to invest in shorts, shirts and boots, there is very little equipment required for this round. All they need are few people, a ball and some space! Moreover, the ball can also be substituted by anything, from a coconut to a tin can!

Moreover, soccer is pretty inclusive. It can be played by anyone from all class, social background and anyone, ranging from the highly paid stars to the morning park players. Even the neighborhood kids can come together and start playing.

The countries where it is most popular:

Right now, the soccer remains popular in maximum countries, where it took its first steps. Those are Southern and Northern Europe and even in South and Central America. There is an avid following in some parts of Africa as well. Right now, there are three major markets for soccer games.

  •       India:

India along with its sub-continent has always been fascinated with soccer game, just after cricket. Even after a good fan base for cricket, football viewership in such areas has increased to a great extent in these recent years, mainly as young people prefer faster pace of this game when compared to drawn-out cricket format.

Right now, you will come across domestic Indian premier League. But, what attracts people the most are the European Premier and other Premier League matches. These are broadcasted on a weekend basis. The Champions league will have some of the best teams playing, from around the world.

  •       North America:

Even though it has been for many years when soccer fails to be a mainstream sport, but it was quite popular among immigrants for a long time. That’s how the game got imported to the native land. America had its version like baseball, football and ice hockey, to name a few. So, they had few rooms for inviting an all-new game. After some changes with sports in 1970s, the North American Soccer League came into existence with some of the amazing stars like George Best and Pele.

Right now, in America, this game has a different fan base with children more interested right now. It is way more accessible and cheaper to play when compared to other traditional sports. Mostly after the success of American Women’s team, the popularity of this game was pushed to a new level, mainly after they won the World Cup in 1999.

  •       China:

For many years now, the growth of soccer in China has been restricted because of the hardcore state control. It literally banned everything that the western countries have to offer. With some political liberalism and limited economy, along with the help from the market economy, this section has started changing. Now, it is at an adoption pace to accelerate with the country’s leadership further. So, China is also a high contender when talking about the countries where soccer is most popular.

The final say:

No matter wherever you stay in this world, you might have heard of Soccer at least once to say the least and have used free soccer streams. Whether you have been a participant or just a mere spectator, at least once in your lifetime you have visited the stadium to watch your favorite teams playing. Even though this game is more prevalent in some countries like Central America, Europe and more, but the growth is still here.


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