What To Expect from the Olympics

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The biggest sporting event of the year is finally arriving as all of the athletes start to arrive at the Olympic village and prepare for the games after a year of delay – there have been some notable names that have already decided to pull out of the competition, as well as other athletes recently testing positive for Covid-19 that may be unable to compete depending on changing information too, but there’s still plenty of exciting action to come – if you’re looking to wager on any of the events too you’re able to do so here at thebestcasinos.co.uk with the biggest operators, and most will cover the biggest events. 

The first is that there will be quite a different environment for the event that many will be used to – a big change was announced recently as no fans will be allowed to attend any event at all, which had previously been restricted to just domestic fans, this means the stadiums will seem a lot quieter and have a lot less support than many athletes may be used to and could certainly change the dynamic or results too. It has been seen in other sports over the past 18 months for those that have been able to thrive, and those who have struggled the most, and it’ll certainly be something seen at the Olympics too – some athletes will thrive with the change and may be able to put forward their best possible performance, and others may start to struggle with the different atmosphere and find performances perhaps not coming is easy as they usually do. 

Another of the big changes has been the introduction of a few new events, and the return of some others too – the new sports to be included are the likes of Surfing, Skateboarding, Sports Climbing, and Karate, and should be a very interesting watch for those who may not have seen them before. Returning sports include the likes of Baseball too which had most recently been featured in 2008 at the Beijing games, it has already been confirmed that it isn’t a sport that will return in four years’ time, but for baseball fans that have been missing out of the game at the Olympics, it’ll certainly be an exciting return at least for the one year.

It’s going to be a very different set of games, with the potential to see some big possible upsets and new names securing gold, but if other sporting events are anything to go by there’s nothing quite like having a cheering crowd to help energise you and stands packed with fans will certainly be missed this year and something that the athletes will hope to see return as soon as possible.

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