Tips for Scoring the Cheapest XFL Tickets Possible

Despite the fact that this season has been suspended, fans have rallied around the XFL in its second – and much more successful – reincarnation. While it may not be exactly the same as the NFL, the league helps to fill the lull that comes with the early part of the NFL offseason. Perhaps the best part of the XFL is that it’s not nearly as expensive to attend a game in person as it is for an NFL game. The sometimes outrageous prices of NFL games are far more moderate in the XFL, especially considering that most games are played in NFL stadiums. Plus, seats are widely available in the lower section of the stadium at an affordable price, so you don’t have to settle for seats in the nose-bleed section. If you’re ready to check out this new brand of football, here are some tips on how you can buy cheap XFL tickets – so you’re ready as soon as the league returns to play!

Search the Secondary Market

XFL games are no different from any other sporting event in the sense that the secondary market is the best place to get tickets. There are more than enough tickets available for every game and plenty of deals out there to be found. Regardless of your budget or which of the eight XFL teams you wish to see, you should be able to find great prices on the secondary market. These ticket marketplaces should definitely be your first stop in finding cheap tickets to an XFL game or any other sporting event.

Be Patient

If you want to see an XFL game in person, you don’t have to jump the gun and buy tickets as soon as they’re available. Instead, we recommend you wait a little while. In fact, patience usually pays off when buying tickets on the secondary market. While the XFL draws healthy crowds, rarely are stadiums sold out, so you don’t have to worry about price gouging for sold-out events on the secondary markets. If you’re patient, ticket prices usually start to decline on the secondary market two or three days before game day. This is the best time to start monitoring for cheap ticket prices. If you find something you like, don’t be afraid to act. However, it’s also possible to get cheap XFL tickets on the day of the game, enabling you to keep monitoring prices until kickoff.

Find the Right Spot

Like any other pro or college football game, seats around midfield are going to be more expensive for XFL games. But if you’re looking for the cheapest tickets available, you’ll want to look in the end zones and the corners. These may not seem like ideal seats, but remember that with XFL games it’s easier to get tickets for the lower bowl of a stadium than with other leagues. Even if you have to settle for seats in the end zone or corner, you’ll still be close to the field and close to the action, making your cheap XFL tickets a great value as well. If you insist on being as close to the 50-yard line as possible, you may have to settle for the second level of the stadium in order to find the cheapest price possible.

Avoid Service Fees

Whether it’s the XFL, NFL, or any other sporting event, one of the best ways to get cheap tickets is to avoid service fees as much as possible. Part of the reason why secondary marketplaces are preferable is that most of them have fewer service fees and surcharges than if you buy directly from the team. The catch is that not all ticket-buying sites are equal when it comes to service fees. Some charge higher fees, while others try to hide their service fees, which just results in more expensive tickets anyway. The trick is finding a transparent service that strives to reduce add-on fees and make your XFL tickets as cheap as possible.

Don’t Worry About the Matchup

With the XFL being a new league, there hasn’t been a lot of time for teams to develop rivalries with one another. Plus, with only two divisions, few games carry more weight or intensity than any others. The talent level among most of the eight teams is comparable, and with a 10-game season every game is vital and teams are rarely out of the playoff picture completely. The point here is that almost all XFL games are relatively equal. Unlike with the NFL, you don’t have to get caught up trying to pick the best matchup or figure out which game on the schedule is going to have less interest. No matter the two teams involved or where the game is being played, you’re bound to see an entertaining matchup. So if you’re looking for the cheapest tickets, trust that any game you choose will be worth the price you pay.

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