The State of US Online Sports Betting

Throughout the past year, a number of different online services have become increasingly important to a user base that had not yet been afforded the opportunity to take advantage, and the increasing numbers have encouraged further changing regulation to support to launch and growth of online services too. But not all states have been so quick to follow, so what is the current state of all US online sports betting now that things appear to largely be on their path back to normal?

Illinois – Just before the lockdown measures that had been put in place across many states across the US, Illinois introduced sports betting as a whole in March of 2020 with online betting launching in June of 2020 – prior to June, being able to bet required physical registration ahead of time but with the closure of casinos it allowed an opportunity to shift to online registration. The end of April brought an end to online registration however, as physical registration is once again required bringing a slowing change to the online sportsbooks, and a step backward for online regulation in the state as a whole despite huge success.

Indiana – An opposite story for the neighbouring state of Indiana, however, as online sports betting went live back in September of 2019. Just a few months after the launch of online sports betting in the state, and it was already a huge success with suggestions being that over $200 million cam in the first month with the football season, and with BetRivers Indiana promo code amongst many others making betting a much more exciting venture too, Indiana has provided a great example of how a state can successfully introduce mobile sports betting, and how much of an impact it can have on the overall market. 

New York Could Legalize Online Sports Betting in Time for Super Bowl –

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New York – It was recently announced by Gov. Cuomo that budgeting was now in place in the hopes to launch online sportsbooks options heading into 2022 – with the past following a similar story to some other states across the US. Tribal casinos had largely held the rights to retail sports betting, however it had largely remained unsuccessful as online betting hadn’t been an option and users instead would play at the neighbouring New Jersey with figures suggesting a huge number of players were in fact NY residents – suggestions have been that New York could be losing $200 million or more per month by not legalising sports betting, and with the outlined proposal aimed at keeping the market away from tribal casinos, and keep all of the money coming back into the state.

It does seem as if the urge to introduce legal sports betting online is starting to spread though, and where there are still many limitations for players in certain states, it may not be all that long until those restrictions are lifted, and opportunities become much more plentiful.

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