The Mental And Physical Effects Vaping Can Have On Athletes

Although vaping is around for about 15 years now, we still know very little about the subject. Serious research began only a couple of years ago and we’re still far from knowing about vaping as we do about smoking cigarettes. We know that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, but what else we know about this phenomenon?

No one can say for sure what the long-term effects of vaping are. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems to vape pen users throughout the world. All we know is that it’s an alternative to smoking, but we’re not sure what the health risks are. Many people have used vaporizers to quit traditional smoking and as a former smoker, I can honestly say that it does help. The great thing about vape juices is that you can choose from a vast selection that includes different amounts of nicotine. Personally, I started with vape juices with the biggest amount of nicotine and I slowly switched from high levels of nicotine to nicotine-free vape liquids eventually.

As a tool to quit smoking, vaporizers are awesome, but when it comes to athletes, it can have a lot of effect on both mental and physical abilities.

What Effects Does Vaping Have On Physical Abilities In Athletes

When you think about professional athletes, smoking or even vaping doesn’t come to mind, but there are hundreds of athletes using vape pens. For those who smoked before vaping, they quickly realized that they had much better lung capacity and their endurance skyrocketed in a matter of weeks. Also, former smokers experienced a lot more strength after quitting smoking and they noticed that they can lift significantly larger weights than before.

Those who haven’t smoked before and started vaping experienced a slight loss of lung capacity and endurance. Because of this, it’s perfectly clear that vaping is a much better alternative to smoking, but it should also be used only as a tool to quit smoking.  For those who are pursuing a professional career in sports, even vaping can cause enough decrease in physical abilities to put you behind the competition.

Switching from smoking to vaping is a great life choice, but there are a lot more benefits to those you can actually see and notice. When you start vaping instead of smoking, your blood pressure drops as well, you tend to be a lot calmer than before and your body can heal much faster.

Psychological Effects Of Vaping

Vaping has a psychological effect on all users, not only athletes. For those who enjoy vaping nicotine-based vape juice, it can quickly become an addiction. This addiction can get as bad as being addicted to regular cigarettes, but on the upside, it’s a little bit easier to quit vaping than to quit smoking.

The psychological effect of vaping is mostly because users got addicted and they usually lose focus after some time. Professional athletes who spend two or more hours at the gym or on the field start thinking about vaping after an hour or so, losing focus and underperforming because of that.

Those who have quit smoking regular cigarettes and started vaping have quickly realized just how harmful smoking cigarettes is. This is because vaping is a lot less harmful than smoking and the benefits of vaping for smoking can be seen and experienced in a matter of days. Most athletes who quit smoking and started vaping noticed a substantial increase in lung capacity, endurance and stamina. Unfortunately, those who quit vaping have noticed a much smaller increase in their physical abilities than those who stopped smoking. 

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