The Latin American influence on baseball

Latin Americans are plenty in the baseball game industry. And that is because their native countries support the sport with all they have. Baseball was introduced in Latin American countries like Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and the rest in the 19th century. And has since then seen an exponential growth outwards. The first country to experience baseball was Cuba when two gentlemen Nemesio and Ernesto Guilló, took the first ball and bat to the island. From that first contact point, the love of the sport began there and spread all through the Latin American countries. So how exactly has this initiative influenced baseball as we know it today? Let’s find out.

The game has become a popular sport in the countries

When you visit the Latin American countries, it is not a surprise to find young boys and girls indulging in baseball in the streets. This is because ever since the game’s inception, more and more Latin Americans are becoming accustomed to playing the sport.  This is also due to the fact that baseball is televised by sports news studios and is more easily accessible as a result. Indeed, football is still a popular game in Latin American countries, but baseball is picking up pretty fast.

There had been a visible growth of baseball-influenced initiatives in the countries

Today, there are so many baseball academies in the Latin countries. And that is solely because the government supports the sport to the fullest, and they see the potential it brings to the country. First things first, it keeps the youth busy and away from harmful habits like taking drugs or taking part in crimes. Secondly, since the country sees an increase in players from their nations, they push to have their small leagues and tournaments to encourage more and more people to join the game.

A big chunk of the MLB players come from Latin America

A report released in 2017 showed that players of Latin American descent made up almost 32 percent. And these statistics supported that every team in the MLB had at least one or two players of either Latino descent or were born in the Latin American countries. Today that number had increased.

Latin American players have made the game exhilarating

Because of their enthusiasm for the game, Latinos have brought about a significant change in the playing style. Indeed nothing has changed in terms of technique, but the zeal they have brought to the teams has influenced more and more people to become die-hard fans. Today, the MLB teams collect revenues in selling tickets and merchandise, which is a significant effect.

Baseball is now counted on as a full-time job

Gone are the days people thought that you could not get decent pay by playing baseball. The Latinos’ success in Major League Baseball has become an eye-opener to show the world that one can actually become a pro baseball player and make a living out of the sport. Something that was once a pass time could possibly make you a millionaire. This creates more opportunities for people who are not so fond of technical jobs like the mainstream careers of engineering and doctoring. A baseball player is just as important.


The Latin American influence on baseball is very evident as it has changed so much in terms of how the game is played to help people perceive the game. It has open doors for many people to build on their talents and has open doors for businesses to open up facilities to offer training grounds. Latin Americans have been changing the game since way back in the 19th century, and all things are because of the two young men who took this sport back home.

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