Tennis Betting Tips: The Secrets to Profitable Tennis Betting

At the time of making bets in Tennis, you must consider that it is one of the sports in which the betting market is very wide. You will be able to make many different types of bets. Next, we will give you a series of tips to help you with your Free Bets UK. Although it may seem simple, to bet on tennis, you have to follow a series of steps if you want to make money from it.

Types of bets in tennis

Tennis offers a wide variety of bets, depending on the player’s preference. The most straightforward bet is to bet on the winner. In each game, there are usually favorites with quotas of approximately 1.8 associated with them. On the other hand, some bet with a handicap, but you must be very attentive to the movements of the game. Other users prefer to bet on the result with very low odds, but more chances of winning. All these bets can be made before the game or pre-game. You will also have the possibility to bet on live matches in some bookmakers.

Strategies for betting on tennis

Before betting on this sport, it is advisable to follow a procedure to obtain the maximum possible profit. First of all, the pairing of the players in a match must be taken into account since the position in the ranking is a determining factor, although sometimes there are surprises. On the other hand, you must know the surface on which it is played. Not all tennis players play the same way on grass or clay. After collecting this data, you will have to know what you will be playing. Don’t risk too much if you’re not sure. Finally, we advise you to find the best odds and be vigilant during the match.

General statistics on tennis betting

As in all sports, tennis is also driven by statistics for betting. These statistics are a key point to place your bets. You can find the statistical data on the official ATP site. Depending on whether the athletes ascend or descend in their professional careers, you can bet some odds or others, and on some matches or others.

It is not always advisable to bet on the winner since it is not profitable at all and you leave everything to chance.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Rather than the category of tricks to make money, this one seems to belong to the advice: take a good look at the offers before buying. Okay, yes, but no. Much of the internet bookmakers’ promotional budget is spent on welcome bonuses and vouchers to get us hooked and encouraged to operate. And this is an excellent opportunity to get good money in our first operations. There are many types of bonuses, and methods to bypass the limitations imposed on them so that we can pocket them and take them cleanly. It is what is called in the slang bond cleaning.

Don’t hesitate to do live coverage

One of the most challenging situations to overcome in this game is the uncertainty of the result when we launch ourselves to bet on a highly risky ending, the game begins, and things turn in our favor. After a careful analysis, we evaluated a forecast of a possible defeat for a favorite, and our team, like David against Goliath, manages to score in the first minutes. At first, our faces will light up, we will shout goal with all our strength, and we will see that we have the precious treasure of the prize within our reach. But from there, each rival’s chance can turn into torture, a constant and desperate fight to preserve the result.


If you already have experience in sports betting, it is always advisable to be vigilant and do your homework before the game. Betting on live matches is also advised. Tennis matches are the most popular when betting because they involve many factors such as the physical conditions of the players, the type of court, or the circumstances of the tennis player himself. Betting on the first ranking is not the same as betting on the last. For all this, you should review all the statistics.


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