Survivor Streak Contest – What Makes it So Great

The Covers Survivor Streak contest has become one of the most popular sports betting competitions. Running annually, it challenges players to survive the NFL regular season by making one winning pick against the spread each week. The contest is free to enter and offers huge weekly cash prizes. Here’s what makes Covers Survivor Streak so great:

Massive Prize Pool

Covers puts up an impressive $125,000 in guaranteed cash prizes each NFL season for Survivor Streak. The weekly prizes start at $500 and build each week, with the overall season champ taking home a cool $25,000. Just for making one winning NFL pick a week, you can earn serious cash prizes. Even if you don’t win it all, weekly prize giveaways help keep players engaged.

Easy to Enter

Signing up for Covers Survivor Streak is simple and free. Just create an account at and submit your picks each week. You can change picks as often as you like up until the game kickoff deadlines each week. With no charges or fees to enter, you have nothing to lose and big prizes to gain.

Thrilling ‘Survivor’ Format

The do-or-die survivor format keeps excitement high throughout the NFL season. You must survive each week with a winning ATS pick to advance. One wrong pick and you are eliminated from prizes. This creates urgency to carefully analyze each matchup and sweat out results. Adding to the drama, you can only use each team one time all season. The survivor aspect forces you to strategize when to use certain teams.

Equal Playing Field

While seasoned betting sharps enter, casual fans have just as good a shot at taking home the overall prize. The ‘survive and advance’ structure levels the playing field. Even if you have limited NFL betting experience, getting one game right each week is very achievable. Streaks are often determined by luck in addition to skill.

Engaging Community

Covers Survivor Streak fosters a vibrant online community environment. You can communicate with fellow participants in forum discussions as the season progresses. Commiserating after tough losses or debating optimal future picks enhances the experience. Covers also tracks various leaderboards and stats for an interactive feel.

Education and Insights

To help inform your picks, Covers provides reams of expert NFL analysis, matchup breakdowns, trends, and predictions. You get access to all the data, articles, and opinions you need to make sharp selections each week. Just absorbing the insightful content can make you a smarter NFL bettor over the course of the season.

Flexibility and Convenience

Survivor Streak offers convenience with no travel requirements. As long as you submit your picks online each week, you can play from anywhere. The multi-week format also provides flexibility. Having one bad week won’t ruin your whole season. You can bounce back the next week as long as you survive.

No Experts Allowed

Here’s a unique aspect that levels the playing field – no professional betting services or self-proclaimed experts are allowed to enter. This prevents betting sharks from dominating. The contest is reserved for average sports bettors, keeping things fair.

For the thrill, community, knowledge, and prizes, it’s hard to beat the Covers Survivor Streak contest. The survivor format provides engaging weekly drama over the full NFL season. If you can string together winning picks, you could walk away with serious cash.

About Marcelo Villa

Marcelo is an associate editor at The Sports Daily, and has covered the San Diego Chargers for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Sportsdirect Inc.