Soccer in Colombia: The best teams

The sport that generates the most passion in Colombia is soccer or fútbol in Spanish. It attracts media attention, and numerous fans attend every local league game. It’s the ultimate entertainment center for Colombians. Local teams have conquered international tournaments, consolidating a massive spot in Colombians’ hearts. You will find the best teams considering history, cups, and more in the following lines.

Atlético Nacional: Medellín

Atlético Nacional is known as the ‘King of Cups’ thanks to its 29 original titles in national and international competitions. The team was founded in 1935 in the small town of Buenos Aires. A group of young players decided to follow their dreams and create a team to compete professionally. The sacrifices and encouragement are evident in their many titles.

Millionaires: Bogotá

Millionaires are locally known as ‘the Millos’and are based in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital. They started in 1920 but officially became a professional league team in 1946. It has won 20 titles and has been crowned continental champion in the Simon Bolivar Cup. The team also won the last edition of the Merconorte Cup.

Cali America: Cali

Cali America has taken several names throughout the years, like ‘mechita,’ red devils, and the scarlets. It is one of the biggest sports clubs in Colombia and was founded in 1927. To date, it has won 17 titles, 14 in the First Colombian A league. 

Deportivo Cali: Cali

Deportivo Cali was founded in 1912 as Cali Football Club. The team has won 11 titles and has remained in the TOP 5 for the longest time compared to the others on this list. It has won departmental titles for over eight years and reached the Colombian Cup title. Also, it has been named the 4th club with the most awards in the country.

Independiente Santa Fé: Bogotá

Independiente Santa Fé is known for its tradition and history in Colombia. It was founded on February 18th, 1941, by a team of graduates from a modern gym school. The team has won 17 official titles and was honored as the first professional team to win the Colombian Cup. 

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