NFL Sports Betting – A Beginners Guide To Common & Popular Bets

The Basics Of Betting On NFL 

American football has always been a hugely popular sport in the US, loved by millions of fans, and also notable favourite when it comes to sports betting. Though some sportsbooks might differ slightly in their special offers and deals, there are a number of bets that are found throughout.

1. Moneyline

The moneyline bet, also known as the “to win” bet, is one of the simplest and commonly made wagers in NFL and sports betting in general. Whether it’s for a game, or for the entire league, it’s simply a bet on who the winner will be.

Typically, the sportsbooks will offer odds set in accordance with the favourites, though with a margin as backup, knowing the tendency for underdogs to cause upsets.

The moneyline bet, though, is popular not only for its simplicity, but because it is one of the most reliable and safe when going with the provided odds, and conversely also one the most profitable when betting on the underdog.

2. Totals

The totals bet, or “over-under” bet is a wager on the final combined score of a team in a game, tournament, or league, made according to the prediction and odds set by the sportsbook oddsmaker. 

Here, the bettor must place their bet on whether the outcome will be over or under the predicted score. Like the moneyline bet, this a very simple wager, where you can easily play it safe and go with the odds or take a risk and potentially win big.

3. Point Spread

Also known as “betting the spread” or “handicap betting”, the point spread bet is another common and popular bet offered by sportsbooks. The oddsmaker assigns a certain negative or positive number to each team, accompanied with the odds. These figures represent either the advantage or disadvantage the team has in winning. The range between them becomes the “the spread”, and the teams, and bets, must fall within or without the range of spread in order to win or lose.

4. Prop

The “proposition”, or prop bets, are side wagers on other various aspects of sports aside from the actual outcome of games or tournaments. In NFL it could be on certain player or team stats. Like point spread bets, prop bets are usually determined by betting “over” or “under” the sportsbook’s prediction.

5. Parlay 

The Parlay bet is a special option where bettors can combine multiple different bets, even from different games, in a single wager. All of the bets must the win in order to win the parlay bet, making it a very risky bet. If you know what you’re doing though, or you’re incredibly lucky, this bet can lead to spectacular results

A very similar wager sometimes called a “teazer” bet, includes the option of adding a customizable point spread bet.

6. Live Bets

Thanks to new technology giving us ever greater online access and sports coverage, the new option of live betting allows the placing of bets while a game is underway. Much like the action you find at in 7 Chakras Casino games, live betting takes place in real time. The factors and odds in play will constantly change, making this an exciting and fast-paced new betting option. 

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