Mahomes, Garoppolo, Mostert Leads Super Bowl MVP Prop Odds

The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) is the most prestigious award at stake throughout the NFL season. It is mostly given to players who displayed leadership skills and gained an impressive scoring record during the course of the Super Bowl season. It is also the highest recognition that a player can get, making him the best player in the whole league.

As the Super Bowl LV finals take place in less than a month, fans can’t contain their excitement on whether the defending champs, the Chiefs, can win the title again or lose the trophy this year. Furthermore, sports bettors are also getting ready to take part in the Super Bowl wagering games as this offers big prizes at stake.

One of the most played betting games in the Super Bowl is prop bets. Under this, you can gamble for the MVP odds where you can pick a QB who will win the said award. As you take part in the FanDuel Super Bowl betting, here are the NFL players that have the most impressive lines to win the Super Bowl LV MVP.

Patrick Mahomes

The reigning Super Bowl MVP seems to take the same path this year. As Kansas City Chiefs vies for the championship title twice in a row, Mahomes is by far the best QB in the league. The passes and touchdowns he does this season are better than what he accomplished last year. If his team makes it to the finals, Mahomes will likely win the MVP award.

Jimmy Garoppolo

The Super Bowl MVP award is not only given to the QB’s who’ll move forward until the finals. As mentioned, this is given to a player who showed impressive performances regardless of the standings. As the San Francisco 49ers failed to take a slot in the Divisional Rounds, Jimmy Garoppolo is another top bet for the MVP recognition.

Raheem Mostert

Drafted by the 49ers this year as a reliever of Garoppolo, Raheem Mostert showed excellent scoring in his debut year for the said team. Not only that, he averages two touchdowns in 220 yardage, which is impressive for a rookie QB.

George Kittle

The 49ers have a lot to offer in the lineup to clinch the Super Bowl MVP award, and George Kittle joins the list. Holding the tight end position, Kittle is one of the excellent blockers in today’s NFL season. He presently averages 264 receptions and 14 touchdowns.

Tyreek Hill

Averaging 368 receptions and 623 rushing yards throughout the season, Tyreek Hill is another possible candidate to earn the MVP award. He works as a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. If he continues to showcase more impressive plays and receptions as they move forward in the league, he might earn the said recognition.

Travis Kelce

As part of the Chiefs’ defensive warriors working as a tight end, Travis Kelce is heading to earn the MVP award this year. He is the Chiefs’ X-factor player that has made the team a tougher group to defeat in the current league. Looking into his current scoring statistics,  Kelce has produced 612 receptions and 48 touchdowns.

Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa joined the Niners’ bet for the MVP slate this year. Although he’s a sophomore, he is one of the most effective defensive ends in the league. Bosa has the ability to pressure every QB in the field, and even Mahomes had a difficult time hustling him. In his current scoring statistics, Bosa averages 47 tackles with nine sacks.

Damien Williams

If the Niners have many players to offer in the MVP slate, the Chiefs also have more than one candidate for the title. Damien Williams is a huge contender to win the said recognition, being the most solid running back player for the Chiefs. Presently earning a 4.2 rushing average, he still has the chance to surpass his current figures as they move forward in the Divisional Rounds.

Sammy Watkins

The Chiefs aren’t running out of talents to vie for the MVP award as Sammy Watkins joins the list. He works as a wide receiver for the defending champs and a threat to all talents playing in the field.  Watkins averages 321 receptions in a 14.5 yardage.

Emmanuel Sanders

The Saints are about to go head-to-head with the Bucs in the Divisional Rounds this weekend. It is because Emmanuel Sander did a great job as a wide receiver after getting traded last year from the Niners. Sanders is expected to dominate more in the field, garnering an average of 662 receptions in 171 receiving yardage.


The race to the Super Bowl LV MVP is a difficult road to take. Every player is expected to showcase their best talents when playing for their teams. However, some of them exemplify and define what their position is about ever since they started their career in the NFL. So, who do you think can win the Super Bowl MVP this year?

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