How to Grow Your Consulting Business

Consultancy businesses are everywhere. But just as quickly as they appear, many close because they’re unable to grow. So how do you make sure you, and your business, doesn’t follow the same fate? We’re going to help equip you with strategies and ideas to propel your business forward. 

Your customers need to understand how using your services can better their business.
You need to communicate why your business is unique. Why you need to be a part of what they do.

Let’s focus on how you can get new clients through a series of strategies. 

The Lead Funnel to Convert from Lead to Client

This is best used when the prospective client doesn’t know your brand. You bring the client to you by offering something without obligation, until they come to the conclusion that they need you.

The Funnel

Use something that you can offer, something extra or free, and then advertise it.
Think about social media where you can create an ad specifically around your ‘lead magnet’. 

Consider your blog. Visitors will read your article and often don’t notice your brand. That’s where the lead magnet funnel comes into play. 

You can also advertise through other social networks ads like Instagram or Twitter.

Get People to a Landing Page

People should then be prompted to sign up with their email and some simple information to receive the offer. You can then follow up with more communication and ways the prospective client can get more value from your services.

Convert the Lead or initial offer

You need to communicate with the contact that you can offer services to compliment the offer.
Some customers will come onboard, but don’t despair with those who choose not to. You have another opportunity.

Pick Up the Phone

Offer a customised service for free, or for a small price, and encourage them to get on the phone. Attract leads through a cheap magnet and then spend quality time on your qualified leads. Focus your efforts on the companies with the best potential. 

Once you have a customer interested in your services on the phone, show them why they should hire you.

Guru Model = New Leads

Once you have positioned yourself as an expert in your field and get to know potential customers from a position of strength.

Speak At Events

Research events that target customers are likely to be and get invited to speak about your area of expertise. This isn’t a sales pitch though. Just bring value through your speech.

Teach, Coach and Advise

When you’re teaching something, you are regarded as an expert. You can teach in company incubators, at companies that specialise in corporate education, or university.

Content and More Content

Start a blog and post there regularly, or consider a YouTube channel. Make sure that when your potential customers search for information around the services you offer, you appear regularly. It creates opportunities for people to ask you questions.

Be Present on Quora, Reddit and Facebook Groups

If you can show on these platforms how knowledgeable you are, you’ll likely be contacted for more advice and can turn these advice seekers into customers. 

The Frozen Strategy to Scale Your Business

This strategy is all about cold emails, cold calls and cold messaging.
As challenging as they can be cold contact methods still work. That’s the main reason why you still get cold emails, cold calls and cold messages. 

Send Cold Outreach Emails

Send the email to the right person. You can find the right contact person through Linkedin and then often guess their email. Try to customise your email in a way that doesn’t look like mass mailing. And then do mass mailing.

If you don’t customise the email, replies are almost non-existent. But as conversion rates are very low, you need to send many emails to get enough leads. A typical series includes three emails. After the third, people start thinking they actually know you. You can use tools like Hubspot to automate the customisation part of it as well as the multiple reminders. 

Similar to Email but With Key Differences: Messaging

It’s actually very similar to sending cold emails, but through messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn Messaging. 

Facebook Messenger: The people you reach often want to keep their badges of “answering 100% of requests” or “answering within a few hours”. This helps you get a higher answer rate. 

Linkedin Messaging: This gives you direct virtual access to anybody on the platform. Linkedin messaging often has a better answer rate than cold emailing as the amount of messages people receive is way less than their email account.


Calling seems daunting, but it remains to be one of the best ways to have a significant engagement with somebody. When done correctly, and with respect, it’s a very powerful sales tool.

You can use LinkedIn to find out exactly who’s your best contact at a company. Then try to find their number. Make sure you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it beforehand. Keep it really short and always end with an action. 

Mix the above techniques. Send an email and call the day after. The email gives you an excuse to speak with the person. 

Other Strategies

Strategic partnerships: This is closer to business development than sales. Try to think about which services complement yours. 

Word of mouth: Bring value and quality, make sure your client is happy and they’ll eventually recommend you. You can always use word of mouth through ex-colleagues and friends if you’re just starting out.

Job listings: Many companies try to fill their needs by creating a new position, or hiring temporary employees. It turns out that very often, consulting services are a better solution. 

In summary

Depending on your profile you’ll have affinities with one strategy. Adapt the approaches to suit your team. 

One last thing to consider is getting insurance for your consulting business. As you work with clients on daily basis, consultants are exposed to potential risks related to their professional service and advise provided.

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