How Online Gaming Has Changed Casinos Forever 

Traditional casinos in one shape or another have been around for years and they will still be in existence for many years to come. But what is undeniable is the impact online gaming has had on casinos.  It used to be that if you enjoyed the whole casino experience, then the only way to get your fix was to literally visit a bricks and mortar establishment. Nobody was expecting this to change, but it did thanks to the digital revolution. The industry experienced huge upheaval during the 1990s and since technology is constantly advancing, these major changes were actually inevitable – learn more.

The Decade Of The Revolution 

1996 is a historic date for the gambling industry, it’s the year when gambling established itself in a new hi-tech world where information and entertainment was made accessible to the masses. It was the year when the gambling industry bravely decided that it needed to move with the times to survive and it did this by opening the first ever, online casino. Elsewhere, the creative sectors of the gambling industry were experimenting with technology and the result was the first ever, video slot. These two creations proved to be the perfect partners and once video slots were placed on virtual casino platforms, both exploded in popularity. 

Online Casinos Vs Traditional Casinos 

People prefer online gaming to in-house gaming and this is illustrated by the popularity of online casinos. Now casinos are easily accessed by anyone who is curious about gambling. All you need is a reliable internet connection and to be of legal age to gamble. Once you sign up in what is a speedy and hassle free process, you are free to play whatever you choose. Another major change comes in the shape of welcome offers. Online casinos are far more practical places to apply bonuses. All the customer needs to do is to opt in and the bonus is received automatically. Bonuses come in many guises and these include deposit match ups, free spins or cash bonus lumps sums. Banking is simple too as there are many options that are safe and secure ways of funding your accounts digitally. Although from April 2020 you will no longer be able to gamble with a credit card. 

There is a view that land-based casinos are not for the many but the few. The public feel that regular casinos are reserved for the elite who can afford to play at an exclusive club.

It is a fact the online casinos have brought gambling and the casino experience to a wider audience and that it caters for all budgets, unlike most regular casinos that rely on attracting high-rollers to increase revenue. 

Final Thoughts 

Land-based casino revenues are falling across the globe including the casino power bases of Asia and North America. This is also in evidence in the UK. Therefore, more changes are occurring, in-house casinos are now including broader based entertainment and changing the appearance of their houses to appeal to a younger gambling audience.

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