Go Home a Winner From the Races with These Tricks

The horse races offer people some of the best opportunities to get involved in betting, with the sport coming hand in hand with gambling for as long as anybody could recall. Big events like the Grand National, Royal Ascot and many more see bookies and online sites, such as Timeform, offer everything from free bets to racing tips to entice racegoers to get in on the action of each and every race. But if you are new to the scene, it’s best to head into it with more than luck. You can go home a winner from the races with these tricks up your sleeve. 

Know the Lingo 

For those that are new to betting on the horse races, it can be confusing and so many will opt for the easy best, but this may not be the smartest idea when it comes to winnings, so here are a few common phrases that you need to understand in order to be sure you are placing the best bets for you. 

  • Win – a type of bet in which you select a horse that you believe can win or you want to win the race and you will get a return on this bet if the horse does indeed come first. Winnings for this bet can differ as it depends on the odds for your selected odd, if the horse is the race favourite then you will get a smaller return than if and the underdog will lower odds was to win. 
  • Place – this is one of the easiest bets you can make in horse race betting and simply requires you to pick a horse and if it places in the race then you will win a return. 
  • Show – another simple bet, requiring you to pick a horse and if it finished in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the race then you will be a winner.
  • Accumulator – this is a little more complicated as you are required to make four or more selections on single bets, spread across multiple races. You will only see a return if all of your choices are successful, this could leave you with high winnings and lowers the risk as you have only put one wager down and the others are paid for by the previous selections winnings.
  • Across the Board – this type of bet can be more expensive than others, as you are making three bets – for your horse to win, place and show, broadening the chances of a return. 
  • Daily Double – this is specific to two particular races and you make a selection in each and if both are successful in their races you will win. These bets must be made before the race begins, unlike many that can be made after the race has got underway. 
  • Pick 6 – this is the biggest bet you can make and involves selecting 6 horses in six different races, if they all win, you will win BIG. if the majority of your selections are successful you can still win some money. 
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