Everything You Should Know About Churchill Downs and Betting on the Famous Kentucky Derby

The home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs was opened in 1875. It is situated in south Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. This venue has hosted the renowned Breeders’ Cup on nine occasions and the latest one being in 2018.

There are two racing tracks at Churchill Downs; the Dirt is on the outside having a circuit of a mile. And the turf course is on the inside, and it is only seven furlongs in the distance. This is shorter than most racing tracks in the UK, and the turns are therefore tighter that poses a different challenge for the European horses.

The Famous Kentucky Derby

Many racetracks all around the country need to fill their calendar with events year-round to make a sustainable establishment. When the most acclaimed race for three-year-old Thoroughbreds is run at this place; it goes out the window. People make their bookings in advance and look for Churchill Downs tips; they do every possible thing to make the best bets. When the Kentucky Derby ends, the planning for next year’s event begins. That’s the craze of the race!

The Kentucky Derby runs on the first Saturday of May, and it’s been that way ever since 1875. It comes first in the sequence of three which makes up for the Triple Crown races that take place over the course of about a month & a half.

The racetrack is 1 ¼ mile, but once the gun goes off, you need to be very attentive because the race doesn’t last very long. The winning time is typically just a shade over two minutes, or even less. It has happened only twice in the history of the Kentucky Derby that a horse has crossed the finish line in sub-two minutes.

The biggest longshot to ever win the famous Kentucky Derby came all the way back in 1913 when Donerail won as the incredible 91:1 favorite. And just, four horses have won the race by eight lengths, but that has not been achieved ever since Assault clobbered the field in 1946.

It’s not all about the records at the Kentucky Derby. If you are ever there, you’ll inevitably come across a mint julip. Of course, there’s a Millionaire’s Row. These seats are occupied by the most famous celebrities, with the females traditionally wearing the large-brimmed hats. You can see fancy outfits and fancy people every year at the Derby, as it is considered as one of the most esteemed events in all of the sports, let alone horse racing.

Important Betting Tips for Kentucky Derby

  • Pay attention to the horses that have won the Derby prep races.
  • Unlike casinos where odds are set out by the house, horse racing’s odds reflect how people actually make their bets.
  • However, it is fun to bet your own opinion but must compare your Churchill Downs tips with the track handicapper’s selection to check if they match up.
  • Just like regular any other sports teams, horses too have a home field advantage. Thus, bet the horse that has a history of doing well at Churchill Downs.
  • Watch the horses in the paddock. And if you find them misbehaving, exuding too much energy or fighting their jockey, it would probably be best not to bet that horse.
  • Always go with your gut. And don’t be afraid to bet on the favorite.
  • Never believe the backslider’s tip. No trainer will enter their horse in a race if they don’t think their horse can win it.
  • If you are confused and can’t decide between 2 horses, try an exacta box.
  • You can always bet on the 14 races on Derby day, but it is vital that you set your wagering budget before your second mint julep.
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