Different mouthguards for football and the importance of wearing one on the field

Football is one of America’s favorite sports, kids play football from a young age, college football is a billion-dollar industry and the NFL is watched in the home of nearly every American family.

Football is a fast-paced contact sport, injuries are unfortunately part of the game as is the case with any contact sport.

Football players wear their signature protective padding and helmets, but another key protective item that should be worn by any football player regardless of age or skill level is a mouthguard.

Let’s take a closer look at the different mouthguards that are available on the market and at why the use of them are so important.

Different types of mouthguards

  1. Mouthguard with strap

Majority of football mouthguards feature a strap that can be tied to the helmet, this ensures that the mouthguard doesn’t fall during the course of play. A regular mouthguard will offer protection of the mouth and teeth of the player. 

  1. Lip guard

Majority of mouthguards only offer protection to the mouth and teeth area of a football player. A mouthguard with an additional lip guard is also available for those that are seeking added protection against the brutality of football. Players with a history of dental or oral injuries should definitely consider using a lip guard.  

  1. Mouthguard for braces

Football players that use dental applications such as braces need to take extra caution during practice and play to ensure protection of both the application and their dental and oral health. Special mouthguards are available for football players that have braces.

The importance of wearing a mouthguard

Dental injury prevention

A well fitted high quality mouthguard is a key piece of protective equipment that should be used by all football players regardless of age and skill level. Helmet to helmet contact or a hard fall to the ground during a game can easily cause serious damage to a player’s teeth without adequate protection.

Oral injury prevention

Mouthguards don’t just protect a player’s teeth, they also protect the players mouth against injury. A hard hit to the face can cause cuts within a player’s mouth, a good mouthguard that absorbs the impact of a hit to the face will go a long way in preventing oral injuries.

Dental application protection

Dental applications are both fragile and expensive, a small amount of force can damage the application and more often than not the cost to fix it will be pricey. A mouthguard that is designed specifically for players with a dental application such as braces won’t just protect the player’s pocket, it will also protect the application and prevent injury.

The evidence is overwhelming, a high quality well fitted mouthguard is a must have item for any football players. Make sure to buy the option that suits your needs. The small cost of a mouthguard is well worth it when you consider the alternative.