Casinos outside of the UK, available to UK players

The UK is known for being highly strict with their gambling regulations. In 2005 they even created the UK Gambling Association as a way of authority that regulates all gambling-related actions. This association applies for land-based casinos as well as virtual gambling platforms. Since the UK is worldwide known for having strict gambling laws, players try to locate non-UK casinos in order to play more freely. This even includes players from the UK, that are quite aware of the restrictions and for that same reason they search for sites to play in outside of the UK. Even on this website you will be able to find non-UK casinos that allow all types of players including people from the UK itself.

What UK players should look for in a non-UK casino

The UK players that are searching for alternative options to UK gambling sites, have to check first of all, that the non-UK casino accepts different types of currencies in order for them to gamble with their money. Although tons of casinos receive international gamblers this doesn’t always mean that they handle all forms of currencies. For that reason, people should always be checking this very important characteristing when looking for non-UK casinos.

Why do some casinos don’t comply with the UK norms?

Another great question that people ask themselves. Why can’t a regular casino comply with the norms of a UK one, what are the differences here. The main aspect that needs to be understood is that the UK works along with the UK Gambling Association, which is another fancy title for the British Law. When a site doesn’t follow a certain guideline of the UKGA, they are immediately considered unreliable in the UK and lose their licence to operate in this country. Given that the specifications and the rules are quite complex, casinos find it easier to act independently and avoid any hassle from the UK law.

Can people trust non-UK casinos?

A great source to check up on everything that has to do with casinos and gambling is the casino times. This site is a reputable news source for the gambling world that provides players with daily, relevant information regarding betting and gambling online. This includes letting the reader know when a casino loses their license, it also provides a great ranking of the top casino recommendations available to UK players, among other information.

For UK players, this source is a great way to get to know a new casino, identify how they operate, and find out if it is legal in their country. Since even the online casino platforms are regulated in the UK, people from  here have a harder time locating sites that will appear as permitted or legal in the UK, that don’t necessarily work with the Gambling Association. For this same reason it is important to check the sites available in your country, as well as identify which one of them is reliable and trustworthy for gamblers to put their money in.

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