Advice for Parents with Athletically Gifted Children 

It is exciting when your child shows talent in sports or athletics, and you will want to do everything that you can to nurture this talent. It is an experience which many parents find themselves in and do not quite know how to manage, so it is helpful to know a few tips which could help both them and their child to get the most of their talent. While becoming a professional athlete is extremely rare, you might find that their talent could help in many other areas of life, but you will also want to make sure that they continue to enjoy themselves.

Talk to Their Coach

One of the best things that you can do when you have an athletically gifted child is to speak to their coach, who will have experience in this area. They will be able to advise you on what realistic goals are, how they can be achieved, and what each step will involve. It is also helpful to have a positive relationship with their coach so that you can work together to look after your child and nurture their talent.

Be Encouraging but Realistic

A very high percentage of children aspire to become a professional athlete. Still, even the gifted ones only a very small percentage make it, and even then, it is a short-lived career. It is for this reason why it is essential to be positive and encouraging but also realistic, and you need to make sure that their studies remain a priority so that they have a good education that they can fall back on.

Show an Interest & Look After Their Health

Even when they are talented with many people showing an interest in them, children will still seek the approval of their parents, so you must show an interest and get involved without interfering. You also need to look after their health in terms of making sure that they get downtime and enough rest, providing a healthy and balanced diet and keeping an eye on their mental health – stress, and anxiety can be common when there is pressure to succeed at a young age.

Look into Scholarships

The critical stage in nurturing their gift is securing a scholarship to a top school where they will receive expert training and compete at a high level while also obtaining a good education. Scholarships for athletes can be hard to come by, but some services can help you to connect with college recruiters and help your child to take the next step.

Make Communication A Priority

Communication is always essential when it comes to parenting, but particularly in a situation like this, which has many positive, but it can also be incredibly demanding and become such a big part of the entire family’s lives. This will involve making sure that your child is still enjoying their training and still wants to pursue their goals, as it is likely that this will come at a sacrifice in terms of their social life.

It is exciting to have a gifted youngster, but it can also change everyone’s life – hopefully, these tips will help you to manage and nurture your child’s talent.

Marcelo Villa

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