4 Newbie Tactics for Betting on Sports

Sports betting is very popular today. Yet, only 10-15% of bettors can win consistently, and the key to their success is the right strategy. In this article, Meta.reviews tell about four tactics for betting on sports, which are associated with minimal risk, and therefore suitable even for beginners.

Flat Betting System

This strategy is based on a constant betting amount. The player constantly bets the same amount, regardless of the outcomes and odds. The bet amount is chosen independently, but it is recommended to bet 1-5% of the initial bank.

Thanks to this tactic, the bettor keeps his coolness and objectivity, and there is almost no risk of completely losing the initial capital. The profit will be small, but such tactics will allow a beginner to get the hang of it, learn how to bet, and understand the principles of bookmaker’s offices.

Fixed Percentage of the Bank Strategy

This method resembles the flat system, but the bet amount is recalculated depending on the change in the amount on the gaming account.

For example, a player decides to bet 5% of the pot each time. If the amount on the account is initially $50, then the first time he can bet $2.5. Suppose the player makes such a bet on a draw in a soccer match Lazio – Sevilla. Lazio lost to Sevilla, the bet is lost too. Now the size of the next bet will be 5% of the new pot of $45 – $2.25.

This strategy is quite safe since, with a long series of failures, the pot size will decrease more slowly. And if the player makes the correct predictions, then income will increase faster.

The Dallas Strategy in Live

It is suitable for soccer matches. The logic is as follows: in matches against clear favorites, undergods very rarely score even two goals. Possible exceptions should be screened out with additional analysis and study of statistics.

Find a game with a clear favorite (odds on his victory should be no more than 1.55). It is better not to take friendly matches and competitions of youth, reserve and women’s teams. In such games, the defense plays less rigidly. You should also discard productive championships like the Dutch championship and the German Bundesliga.

Next, the player should join the game at about the 30th minute of the match, if at that time no more than two goals have been scored. To the number of goals scored by the 30th minute, you need to add 1.5 and bet on the total under this number. For example, in a match, the score is 1:0, which means that you need to bet at under 2.5.

This strategy is suitable for beginners because it is quite easy to understand its principles. But you should keep your cool and bet a small percentage of the bank so as not to lose everything.

Total Second Period in Hockey

Hockey games almost always follow the same pattern. The second period is considered the most productive. Players are penalized more often, the benches are farther away for changes, and more effort is expended in positional defense because of this. The consequence is mistakes in defense, leading to missed pucks.

According to the most common variant of this strategy, it is necessary to bet at over 1.5 in the 2nd period. Usually, the odds before the start of this twenty minutes is at 1.7-1.9.

According to statistics, more than 75% of the second periods of major championship games in the US and Europe recorded 2+ puck scoring. High odds on such outcomes allow you to get a big profit from betting after some time.

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Marcelo is an associate editor at The Sports Daily, and has covered the San Diego Chargers for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Sportsdirect Inc.