Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 4 — “The Monolith”

Pete is eating dinner with Bonnie, his girlfriend/real estate agent and sees an old client.

Don is back at Sterling Cooper & Partners and finds Jim Cutler making an announcement about the installation about Harry Crane’s computer. The rank and file has to move to make room for it. Ginsberg is angry. Don finds about more about the IBM computer than he wants to know.

Don finds Lane’s old New York Mets banner and tacks it up in his office.

The East Coast and West Coast offices talk about Burger Chef as a new account. Don is assigned to the account to Lou’s dismay. Lou gives Peggy a raise, puts her in charge of Burger Chef and tells her to put Don to work. Because of this new status, Don throws a typewriter at the window. Don sulks, plays solitaire and reads “Portnoy’s Complaint” in his office.

Roger’s daughter runs off to a commune. His son-in-law goes out to find her and gets arrested. Roger and Mona head out to the commune. They find Margaret who now goes by Marigold. Roger has her show him around while Mona heads back to New York. He then hangs out with the hippies and stays the night. He tries to take Margaret back, but after a brief confrontation, leaves her there. Roger Sterling is the greatest character in the history of television.

Realizing he’s being phased out, Don decides to go all-rogue and gets drunk to get himself fired. He calls Freddy Rumsen to go see the Mets. He also pisses off the IBM tech guy, pisses Peggy off and then has to sleep off his drunken stupor. Freddy reads him the riot act. Freddy tells him to do the work. So Don does. He doesn’t like it, but he does the work.

Let’s go inside the episode with Matthew Weiner, Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm and John Slattery talk about it.

Here’s the scene where Roger tries to get Margaret to come home from the commune only to realize the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

We don’t have an inside look at the costumes or hair this week so let’s go right to the cryptic promo from Matthew Weiner which won’t make sense until we see next week’s episode.

Just three more episodes this year? C’mon, man! Mad Men is on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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