The Five Different Types of Golf Clubs That Every Golfer Should Know

There is a wide range of golf clubs that players can choose from. These golf clubs are usually designed to hit the ball in different distances and they come with different degrees of loft to help get the ball into the air. A customary set of golf clubs has a combination of various clubs to ensure that the golfer has one for each shot that he/she may be faced with. Here are the main golf clubs that you should know of.


Irons usually have club heads that are made of metal. They are mainly used by golfers when the ball is less than 200 yards from the green. Irons are usually numbered 1 to 9 and they possess a higher loft when compared to woods. Shots from medium and long irons usually travel farther, while shots from short irons usually fly higher, for shorter distances, and tend to stop rather quickly.


The driver is usually the longest golf club. It usually has a loft that is as small as 7 degrees or up to 11 degrees for those who need assistance getting the golf ball airborne. The head is mainly made of lightweight titanium that helps in maximizing its size while ensuring that it does not become too heavy. The driver can be used exclusively for your tee shots as it produces maximum distance and height with minimal side spin for the straighter shots.


The wedges are mainly used for striking the ball and making it fly high into the air before it lands on the putting surface. These golf clubs tend to be lofted much higher compared to the others. Specialty wedges like gap, lob, and sand wedges are ideal for short pitches from the fairway. The club heads have a range of bounce, angle of the sole, and quality produced by the thickness of the club. Golfers usually carry several different wedges with various bounce and lofts angles for use in a variety of lie conditions and distances. Reading GolfIndustry golf club reviews will help you choose the right clubs for your gaming needs.


Putters are one the most used golf clubs and are ideal for use around or on green towards the hole. Putters are available in different sizes and the standard putter is approximately 34 to 35 inches tall. They usually have flat faces with just 4 degrees of loft to prevent the ball from bouncing up whenever you strike it. Most putters tend to have soft metal or plastic face inserts that gives them a better feel and allows golfers to roll the ball smoothly. Fairway


Unlike the old days, fairway woods are no longer made of wood and they are not necessarily used in the fairway. These clubs are sometimes referred to as fairway metals and they are made of stainless steel. The shaft in the large head is usually set off center and the flattened bottom allows the head to slide over the grass whenever you take a shot. They are used for fairway shots that are above the range of your irons and for tee shots when you want more control of your ball. Fairway woods with lofts between 12 and 20 degrees usually produce softer and higher shots than drivers and enable you to easily shape your shots.

Knowing the different types of golf clubs that exist and when to use them is an important component of mastering the game of golf. Arming yourself with this knowledge will help to boost your time on the green. By knowing the above golf clubs and their uses, you will feel more confident when golfing.

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