This Is Lindsey Vonn

ESPN The Magazine’s latest issue has various athletes dressed as movie characters. The big scene is the cover featuring US gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn as Sharon Stone’s character Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct”. It’s a great cover.

And here’s what ESPN The Magazine has in store for you if you’re a subscriber or you want to purchase it outright.

Ready, Set, Action: ESPN The Magazine Does Film Issue
Lindsey Vonn Channels Basic Instinct’s Catherine Tramell
Nothing is better than when sports and movies collide, and ESPN The Magazine’s Film Issue combines everything you could think of when the two meet. From what’s coming to a theatre near you (Moneyball—based on the book by Michael Lewis) to what isn’t (a tale about the Pottsville Maroons one Mag writer tried to get on the silver screen), the Film Issue has all the top highlights.  Cover
Also in the “Movie Spectacular” issue, on newsstands Friday, some pros reenact iconic scenes from their favorite movies. “Ready For Their Close Up” features:
PLUS… In ESPN The Magazine’s back-of-the-book poll, “Scale of 1 to 10,” we ask “How accurately did Hollywood Portray you?”
  • Muhammad Ali, Ali: “Nine and a half. Great movie, but Will Smith wasn’t as pretty as me.”
  • Leigh Anne Tuohy, The Blind Side: “Nine and a half. It was scarily authentic. Sandra Bullock copied my nail color, my eye shadow palette, everything.”
  • Jim Brown, The Express: “Eight. Was it a bad performance? No. Was it excellent? No. But was it very good and a fair portrayal? Yes.”
  • Bob Muzikowski, Hardball: “Five. It’s my story, but only half of it was true. That’s why I sued. I’m a better hitter than Keanu Reeves. With a better arm, by the way.”
  • Tony Alva, Lords of Dogtown: “Eight. The way Victor Rasuk transformed from a New York City basketball kid to a stoner California surfer was impressive.”
  • Jackie Kallen, Against the Ropes: “Three. Meg Ryan got my Midwestern accent, but she put too much emphasis on sex appeal. I don’t believe I did that.”
  • Jake LaMotta, Raging Bull: “Ten. It was perfect. When I got through with Robert De Niro, he could have fought professionally.”
  • Rudy Ruettiger, Rudy: “Nine. We kept the integrity of the journey intact, but we had to make some embellishments for the story to work. (whatever, Rudy is the most overrated movie in the history of Hollywood – Fang’s Bites)
Movie Spectacular Features:
“We Got A Memo About A Movie Auditioning Guys 6’2” And Under”
Hear from the alums of Hickory High as Hoosiers approaches its 25th anniversary. By Gare Joyce
Three-Sport Star
That guy, whatshisname, you know the one—he’s in Hoosiers and Rudy and Major League. Meet Chelcie Ross. By Steve Wulf.
Tapping Out, Breaking in
Looking for the next Kimbo Slice? So are promoters in the seedy world of underground fighting. By Shaun Assael
Tunnel Vision
If Chargers tight end Antonio Gates gave an MVP speech, he’d likely start by thanking the film room. By Carmen Renee Thompson
Unforgettable Lines

For big-mountain snowboard film star Jeremy Jones, getting to the top of his epic runs is as satisfying as the ride down. By Alyssa Roenigk

And that will do it.

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