Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping the Remote

I haven’t done a Hot Chick entry in a while. I figured it was time. Starting at 5 and going down to #1

5. Stacey Dales – ESPN

Doing the sidelines this season on college football broadcasts on ESPN along with her work on the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, Stacey is a joy to watch. Not only does she look great, she can talk zone defenses, man-to-man, moving picks and traveling violations with the best analysts out there. She can describe a defensive rotation to me any day.

4. Nigella Lawson – Food Network

Nigella Bites is one of the best cooking shows, bar none. Every time her show is on, I have to stop and watch. I could be doing the most important thing for work or myself, but it will have to wait until the segment or the episode itself is over.

Plus, when she licks the spatula or puts her finger in her mouth to taste one of her concoctions, it’s like sex with food. I’m not kidding.

3. The extremely lovely Tina Cervasio – NESN

Her work on the sidelines for the past two seasons on Red Sox broadcasts has been nothing short of excellent. Her features have been very good, plus she has been getting information from Manny Ramirez that other reporters have not. The pictures posted below come from her website.

There hasn’t been a day where she doesn’t look good. As a subscriber to DirecTV, I can remember her work from the early days of NFL Sunday Ticket and as an update anchor on WFAN. She’s come a long way and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a network gig down the road.

2. Erin Andrews – ESPN

What list would be complete without Erin Andrews? I do think Tina is way better as far as reporting goes. Erin is hot, no doubt about it.

1. Giada DeLaurentiis – Food Network

Everyday Italian is one of those shows you just stop, watch and wait for Giada to make one of her classic expressions when she tastes food. Her smile is infectious. She’s gorgeous. Plus, when she spreads chocolate on a Biscotti, it’s like watching an artist at work. And of course, there’s Giada’s Weekend Getaways where we get to watch her ride a jet-ski or swim in a pool. I can go on, but let’s get to some pics.

That’s it for now.

Ken Fang

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