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I’ve been Mr. Fixit today, running errands and fixing things around the house. I just wondered what we did before HGTV or DIY Network. Without them, there’s no way we could not do the simpler repairs around the house. But thanks to them, we can fix things around the kitchen sink or the back yard without having to call to help. But I digress.

Let’s get to your links.

Starting with the North County Times, the paper has an obituary of NBC sportscaster Charlie Jones who died on Thursday.

Larry Stewart of the Los Angeles Times writes a remembrance of Jones.

David Barron of the Houston Chronicle also remembers Jones who started his career in Texas.

Jim Harris of Arkansas Sports 360 says Jones was well remembered in his native Arkansas.

Ken McMillan of the Times Herald-Record in New York also discusses Jones’ career.

Tom Jones of the St. Petersburg Times writes his thoughts of Charlie Jones. Jones also looks at Tim Russert and his love of sports.

Dan Caesar of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch talks with Bob Costas about his thoughts on Jim McKay and also writes about Charlie Jones’ death. Caesar also writes about a lawsuit filed by a former sports radio talk show host against his former station.

Jerry Garcia of the San Antonio Express-News says being a third choice of ABC Sports Executive Producer Roone Arledge turned out to be the charm for the late Jim McKay.

Barry Horn writes in the Dallas Morning News about Texas Rangers TV voice Josh Lewin attempting not to make personal atacks on players.

Alan Pergament of the Buffalo News has his weekly sports media column.

The Sports Media Watch has its weekend ratings predictions. And the SMW says ratings for Game 4 of the NBA Finals fell back due in part to the Lakers being up more than 20 points late in the game.

And that does it for today.

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