HBO’s Boxing After Dark Returns Tonight

HBO’s series, Boxing After Dark returns tonight. Unfortunately, it also marks the return of boxing and all-around charlatan Max Kellerman. Here’s the release. THE VEGAS STRIP HEATS UP WITH A FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE UNIFICATION SHOWDOWN WHEN HBO SPORTS® PRESENTS HBO BOXING AFTER DARK®:  YURIORKIS GAMBOA VS. ORLANDO SALIDO AND ANTHONY PETERSON VS. BRANDON RIOS SATURDAY, SEPT. […]

HBO’s World Championship Boxing Returns Tonight

Boxing fans have a title fight tonight on HBO as World Championship Boxing is back. HBO SPORTS HEADS NORTH OF THE BORDER FOR A LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE SHOWDOWN WHEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING®:  JEAN PASCAL VS. CHAD DAWSON IS SEEN LIVE SATURDAY, AUG. 14 ON HBO             Strength meets finesse in a light heavyweight title showdown […]

On The Next 24/7 Mayweather/Mosley

Tonight at 8:30 is the latest installment of 24/7 Mayweather/Mosley. HBO has your preview. 24/7 MAYWEATHER/MOSLEY:  APRIL 24 EPISODE             Episode #3             Debut:  SATURDAY, APRIL 24 (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET/PT)             The two men who shaped Floyd Mayweather’s fighting career are profiled.  As the May 1 welterweight pay-per-view showdown nears, the action in Shane Mosley’s […]

Preview of 24/7 Mayweather/Mosley

We have this release from HBO regarding tonight’s installment of 24/7 Mayweather/Mosley. Check it out. 24/7 MAYWEATHER/MOSLEY APRIL 17 EPISODE             Episode # 2             Debut:  SATURDAY, APRIL 17 (9:30-10:00 p.m. ET/ 6:30-7:00 p.m. PT)             Other HBO playdates:  April 17 (12:15 a.m. ET/9:15 p.m. PT), 18 (10:15 a.m.), 19 (9:30 a.m., 7:30 p.m., 1:00 […]

Saturday's Linkage

Giving you some links while I’m working at the home office today. That’s no fun working on a Saturday, but we do what we gotta do to eat. We start with what broke last night out in Los Angeles, that the TV announcing team for the Clippers, Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith were suspended by […]

Friday's Press Release Reading

Here are some more press releases that came into the Fang’s Bites inbox on Friday. We’ll get these posted and go to bed. Busy day on Saturday. I won’t be near a computer as I’ll be in New York to get my first glimpse at my niece. It’s nice to write that. This is from […]

An All-Star Break Linkfest

Let’s give you some linkage today. Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix tells us that CBS Radio is moving Mix 98.5 to heritage rock station WBCN’s 104.1 FM frequency and that a new FM sports radio station will be on the 98.5 frequency. Thanks to Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch for the link. […]

Posting Press Releases Before Bedtime

After watching a completely boring Home Run Derby tonight in which I fell asleep in the easy chair, it’s time to post some press releases before I shut off the lights and go to bed. I’ll begin with this release from MLB which states Walking Talking Conflict of Interest Bud Selig holds a Town Hall […]

Monday's Press Releases

I have quite a few releases to post tonight so let’s get to them and hopefully, I won’t fall asleep with the computer on. I’ll begin with Fox Sports which says it will be Tweeting during the All-Star Game on July 14th. FOX SPORTS ALL A-TWITTER AT 80TH MLB ALL-STAR GAME MLB on FOX Plans […]

Our Monday Links

After hemming and hawing over how to organize the links today, I’ve decided I’m going to do a post based on just sports media links, then one on reaction to Blogs With Balls. I know many of the readers are probably sick of my posts on the conference, but it was a good event to […]

Now Today's Press Releases

We have two more releases, both coming in during the last 30 minutes. Starting with the worst kept secret since the NFL Network canned him, Adam Schefter joins ESPN as an NFL insider. He’s going to get a lot of air time according to what I’ve heard. Adam Schefter Joins ESPN as NFL Correspondent Adam […]

Lots and Lots of Press Release

Because of the busy work schedule yesterday and today, I really haven’t been able to post as many press releases. I’ll post what has piled into the inbox over the last two days. Starting with HBO Sports, it has another fascinating documentary subject, Theodore Samuel Williams, the best hitter that ever lived. And I notice […]

Saturday Links, Finally

It sucks when your day is planned for you and you find that you keep getting interrupted for silly little things. I’m at work again, stuck in the home office and trying to actually get work done and hoping to get a link or two in, but I’m finding it extremely difficult today. As I […]

Press Release Delight

I have some press releases for you once again. Depending how late it is, I hope to give you some linkage because there’s quite a bit of news since I last posted. This is going to be CBS Sports heavy since I received the most press releases from the Tiffany Network on Tuesday. I have […]

Some Late Night/Early Morning Links

I really should sleep, but because I see a lot of stories on the net for linkage, there’s definitely enough to warrant linkage. Starting with Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch, he notes that WEEI’s press release announcing the signing of bloated Big Show blowhard Glenn Ordway is filled self-adulation. David Scott of BSMW […]

A Few Tuesday Press Releases

I had to battle Boston traffic early today and I hit four jams on the Southeast Expressway and O’Neill Tunnel on the way into Cambridge. Then on the way back to my office, there was another delay as the Mass Highway Department was moving the HOV lanes. It’s always lovely to sit in traffic for […]

Some Press Release Reading For You

I’ll provide some press releases for you on this Thanksgiving Eve. First, HBO previews the third installment of De La Hoya/Pacquaio 24/7. DE LA HOYA/PACQUIAO 24/7 NOV. 30 EPISODE Episode #3 Debut date: SUNDAY, NOV. 30 (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET/PT) Both camps pause for the Thanksgiving holiday; training intensifies as the Dec. 6 welterweight showdown between […]

A Plethora of Press Releases

Since I did not want to take a full hour to give you press releases during the day, I figured I would do it at night when I have a fast computer to work with. And I have a bunch to give you. So let’s get right to them. First, TNT tells us what’s in […]

Press Release Overflow

Since I was away from internet access for several hours today and into this evening, I find that I have a bunch of press releases in my inbox. So let’s post them so you can get by until a late evening linkfest later on. First, the incoming MLB Network has announced that Tampa Bay Rays […]

Two Press Releases For Your Saturday Morning

Since I have to leave my house early Saturday morning, I won’t be able to give you some linkage today. By the time you read this, I’ll already have left the house and be at a location that does not have internet access (at least not to my knowledge). So I’ll give you two press […]