A Special Monday Night Linkfest

I’ll provide some linkage this evening. Some stuff has surfaced this evening since I did my original links today. The Hollywood Reporter recaps the first excerpt from the ESPN book “Those Guys Have All The Fun” that was released by GQ today. Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter says now that the NHL’s US TV […]

Sounding Off On The Thursday Linkage

Let’s do the linkage on this Thursday morning. Some good stuff is already out. The Financial Times has a look at how European TV money is now either catching up or surpassing US TV dollars for the bidding for certain global sports events. Todd Spangler from Multichannel News reports that ESPN has released a new […]

The Monday Back to Work Linkage

Let’s do some links on this back to work Monday. Many of the links will focus on the NCAA Tournament so let’s get cracking. Starting with John Ourand and Michael Smith of Sports Business Journal, they report that Fox is about to sign a new cable rights deal with the Big 12 Conference that would […]

Bringing Out Some Monday Links

Ok, time to get cracking on the linkage. Haven’t done any since Thursday and the weekend was busy for me as I was out of the house for most of Saturday and Sunday so it didn’t make for conducive blogging conditions. We have a lot of stuff to get to today and a couple of […]

Doing Tuesday Links

Time for the links. Lots of stuff to get to. From Sports Business Daily, we learn that the Sporting News has officially taken over Fanhouse. A sad day really as the Fanhouse site was very good and had many good writers on staff (Jay Mariotti excepting). Many writers have lost their jobs while others have […]

Bringing Some Wednesday Linkage

Ok, let’s bring you some linkage. Again, in the midst of a lot of stuff, but taking a break to do some now before work really prevents me from blogging. Mike McCarthy at USA Today recaps Phil Simms comments to Sirius XM regarding his Super Bowl incident with Desmond Howard. Michael Hiestand of USA Today […]

Some Snowy Wednesday Links

On this day of massive snow here in the Northeast, I’ll provide you with some linkage. Crazy day as local meteorologists first predicted 4-8 inches, then as the storm organized, the totals were revised upward and upward. Now, it appears we have more on the ground here. Not quite the perfect storm, but damn close. […]

Saturday Links

Let’s do some linkage on this Saturday. Trying to provide you with a full week of linkage for the first time in a while. And look for reviews of Pony Excess, the last ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, and Lombardi, HBO’s documentary on the late coach. Here are the links. Mike Demenchuk of Multichannel News […]

Some Tuesday Night Links

Let’s do some additional linkage since I had to cut the regular Tuesday links short earlier today. Bill Krueger of the Poynter Institute looks at how Yahoo! Sports has made a name for itself in sports investigations. Jason Humphries of Reuters has International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge hopeful that the US TV rights for […]

Finally, Some Linkage

Well, it’s been a long ten days since I last did linkage. First, it was the Thanksgiving holidays, then work became crazy. I was able to do press releases as they came into the Fang’s Bites inbox, but you’ve been owed some so let’s get to it without further delay. Mike Reynolds at Multichannel News […]

Monday’s Links

Plenty of things going on as we have hit November. In addition, we’re getting

Providing Some Sunday Links

Yesterday was busier than I expected both personally and sports media-wise. I was out most of the day which prevented me from providing links, but then the Cablevision/Fox story broke and I give tremendous kudos to Brian Stelter of the New York Times

Doing A Late Night Friday Megalink Thing

Time to do the megalinkage on this Friday. Lots of things going on today into this evening and let’s get cracking. Of course, we have the Weekend Viewing Picks. Now let’s do the links. National USA Today’s Michael McCarthy wants to know who’s your favorite NFL announcer. Mike says this year’s World Series ratings are […]

Dish and Fox Hash Out A Deal

To avoid another embarrassing situation with another content provider, Fox hashed out a deal today with Dish Network restoring its regional sports networks and various cable channels back and also avoiding the pulling of several owned and operated local channels on Monday. Fox still is off Cablevision in New York and New Jersey, but it […]

Some Thursday Linkage

Yesterday ended up being quite busy and I think today will as well, but at least I can provide you with the linkage that was lacking on Wednesday. Here we go. Sean Leahy at USA Today notes that the NFL’s skyrocketing ratings are putting pressure on the league in its collecting bargaining with the Players […]

Let’s Do Some Saturday Linkage

Time to provide some linkage on this Saturday. Lots of stuff going on. Tom Van Riper of notes that Cablevision and Fox are now acting like spoiled little children.  John Simon from Bloomberg reviews the Broadway play, “Lombardi”. At the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Dave Kindred wants to see the wall of […]

Time For Some Friday Megalinks

I haven’t given you a full set of Friday megalinks since October 1, so it’s time to do some now. Let’s get to them. The Weekend Viewing Picks has your sports and primetime viewing. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand and Mike McCarthy debate what can be done to improve baseball’s ratings. Fanhouse says Jenn Sterger […]

Fox Sports Florida/Sun Sports Tells Dish Subscribers What They’re Missing

Just received this press release from Fox Sports Florida/Sun Sports and I’m posting it because Amy Pempel, the PR person for the regional sports network, has been very good to Fang’s Bites. I’m not taking sides here. I do have DirecTV, but that satellite provider has had its issues with various companies as well. If […]

A Full Set of Sunday Linkage

Ok, I don’t have to go anywhere today so I can provide you with a full set of links without being interrupted. Let’s get to the sports media stories today. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News says Versus’ NHL season opener became the most watched regular season hockey game on cable since the ESPN days. Mike […]

Launching Some Friday Megalinks

It has been a very busy Thursday into Friday. I worked all night into this morning and haven’t slept so I’m going on fumes here. But I still do the linkage because it is what you come to expect from the site so let’s get cracking. You have the Weekend Viewing Picks that provide your […]