New Extended Lost Trailer

Just when you think it’s safe to think clearly about the new season of “Lost”, you get another one of those strange clues that makes you bang your head against your keyboard.

First, check out the trailer with scenes of last season and the upcoming season complete with music from The Fray (what is it with ABC using The Fray … How To Save A Life for “Grey’s Anatomy” and now “Lost”), then I’ll tell you about the clue.

Ok, replay the trailer and at the 1:35 and 2:25 marks, pause the video and you’ll see a logo for “Ajira Airways” that has a tiger clutching the sun. And of course,
this would not be “Lost” without a teaser website to go along with this.

What does this mean? Is Ajira Airways used to send the Oceanic 6 back to the Island? And how does Locke die? What happened to Jin? And they better not send Desmond back now that he’s with Penny. I still have these lingering questions. Yet, I’m sucked into this show and I have to watch to the end. Goodness.

Ken Fang

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