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The Thursday Stuff

Hello, time for some links. Pretty busy morning at work so I’m trying to squeeze in some information for you in between tasks. First, ESPN Radio has made its announcer assignments for the MLB postseason. While ESPN TV no longer has the rights to the League Division Series as it once did, ESPN Radio will […]

Wednesday Night Update

You’re probably sick of me talking about The War, but I have to say this installment was very good. Episode 4 dealt with D-Day in Europe and the Battle of Saipan in the Pacific. Unbelievable footage that Ken Burns obtained for this part. Plus, the stories of the contributions of the Japanese and African American […]

Primetime Viewing Picks

Atlanta at Philadelphia – ESPN, 7 p.m.The War, Part IV – PBS, 8 p.m. or check your local listingsBionic Woman (series premiere) – NBC, 9 p.m.Hotel Babylon – BBC America, 9 p.m.Inside the NFL – HBO, 10 p.m.

Mid-Week Update

Time for some more links for you on this Wednesday afternoon. Neil Best has been blogging like crazy today in his Newsday Watchdog blog. He breaks news that TBS will assign Chip Carey and Tony Gwynn to the Yankees’ American League Division Series no matter who or where they play. And Best says the New […]

Wednesday Morning Links

Back to work on this Hump Day. Time for the links. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand writes about the South Carolina-Lee Corso “feud”. I put feud in quotation marks because its something Gamecock boosters are using to get fans motivated. And Corso’s co-hosts on College Gameday are using it to poke fun at him. John Ryan […]

Tuesday Night Stuff

Time for some links on this Tuesday night. Let me say The War is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It’s compelling, the footage from the front lines taken by newsreels or by official military filmmakers is amazing. And hearing how people coped at home in four cities, Waterbury, CT; Mobile, AL; […]

Primetime & Late Night Viewing Picks

Oakland at Red Sox – NESN, 7 p.m.The War, Part III – PBS, 8 p.m. or check your local listingsBones – Fox, 8 p.m.Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later – HBO, 8 p.m.Baseball Tonight – ESPN, 10 p.m.

Tuesday Afternoon Links Update

Time for some new links today. CBS Sports is crowing about its college football ratings. The South Carolina-LSU game on Saturday was way up from last year at the same time. Michael Hiestand of USA Today looks at the ratings of selected events from the weekend. Looking at the weekend overnight ratings listed by the […]

Tuesday Morning Linkage

Let’s give you some links. Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that CBS’ Jim Nantz lost sight of the big picture in the Chargers-Packers game on Sunday. Neil Best of Newsday writes about TBS coming into the MLB postseason game and he mentions the strange exchange between Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge on […]

Monday Night Links

I just finished watching the second installment of Ken Burn’s The War on PBS. Just like The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, Mark Twain, Empire of the Air, and The West, this epic is excellent. I saw bits and pieces of the first installment on Sunday and all of tonight’s and Ken Burns’ storytelling is second […]

Primetime & Late Night Viewing Picks

The War, Part II – PBS, 8 p.m. or check your local listingsPrison Break – Fox, 8 p.m.How I Met Your Mother (season premiere) – CBS, 8 p.m.Monday Night Football/Tennessee at New Orleans – ESPN, 8:30 p.m.Two and a Half Men (season premiere) – CBS, 9 p.m.The Late Show with David Letterman – CBS, 11:35 […]

MLB and ESPN Fighting Again

Remember back in July when ESPN was punished by MLB for breaking the embargo on the All Star game announcements? The announcements were supposed to be made by TBS on its own exclusive program and ESPN was to wait until everything was done, but instead, the Alleged Worldwide Leader made them as the TBS program […]

Monday Links

Been involved with too much work today. Yes, work getting in the way of blogging. Horrible, isn’t it? Ok, let’s get to the stuff for today. Starting with Michael Hiestand of USA Today, he recaps the TV sporting weekend including the reaction to Donovan McNabb and Mike Patrick’s strangely-timed question about Britney Spears during the […]

Videos of the Week

I haven’t done anything on Fang’s Bites fav Shandi Finneseey for quite some time. The last video I posted of her was back on May 23 and the last picture I posted of her was on May 19, so it’s time that I give Shandi her due and devote an entire post to her. This […]

"Why do we care…? Is she here?"

Thanks to the Sports Media Watch Blog which got it from the Awful Announcing blog, this almost became the Video of the Week. For some strange unknown reason, ESPN’s Mike Patrick decided to bring up Britney Spears during the overtime of the tense Georgia-Alabama game. I’ll say it again, during the overtime of the tense […]