TBS' Plans for MLB Hot Corner in 2008

Last October in its first year of airing the MLB playoffs, TBS tried something new by supplying online content to compliment its postseason coverage. The result was a studio show, called “Hot Corner” co-hosted by the always lovely Heather Catlin, tool Matt D’Agostino and the equally lovely Kelly Cross. It was quite popular garnering over […]

Some Tuesday Night Links or TBS Hot Corner was Pretty Popular

Checking around the ‘net for links this evening, I came across a few things that I did not cover earlier today so I’ll give you some stuff before turning in for the evening. Before going into the links, watching the coverage of the Red Sox Rolling Rally from New England Cable News through MLB.com was […]

1st Ever Fang's Bites MLB TV Awards

With baseball ending its season with the World Series, it’s time to do the 1st Ever Fang’s Bites MLB TV Awards. This follows the 1st Ever Fang’s Bites Tennis TV Awards, the 1st Annual NHL TV Awards, the College Football TV Awards and the NFL TV Awards. I hope to do a College Basketball TV […]

1st Anniversary of Fang's Bites – A Look Back at the Last 12 Months

I won’t be able to give you the Saturday links as usual this morning. I’m currently away and have had to leave the house early for a get-together. I’ll give you the links later today. As I celebrate the one year anniversary of the re-launch of this blog, I think back to some of the […]