Getting The Wednesday Linkage In

Let’s do the Wednesday links while I can. It’s going to get busy the next couple of days as I try to wrap things up for the 4th of July weekend so blogging may get sparse through the weekend. Just giving you a heads up. Here are the links for this Wednesday. Michael Hiestand of […]

Time For The Monday Linkage

After being in the Massachusetts office this morning and needing to run a few errands for the main RI office, I’m now ready to provide links provided I don’t get interrupted at work. You never know. And with the decision to eventually close the MA office due to the slow economy, I may be looking […]

The Friday Megalinks Are Here! Hurray!

Time for some megalink action. This is turning out to be a busy day, but let me try to give you as many as I can. This being Memorial Day weekend, there’s plenty of sports action. Primetime viewing is kind of slim, but you can check out my Weekend Viewing Picks for the action. Let’s […]

Golf Channel To Air Tiger Woods Press Conference on Tuesday

Tiger Woods will take part in media day as part of the duties for hosting his own tournament in Pennsylvania. Golf Channel will pick up his press conference on Tuesday and air it in its entirety. Golf Channel to Air Tiger Woods’ AT&T National News Conference, Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET ORLANDO, Fla., (May 23, […]

Going For Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do your links today. Trying to get them done earlier than the last two days. Good stuff to get to today. And I still finish them at 3 p.m. Tripp Mickle and John Ourand report in today’s Sports Business Daily that the International Olympic Committee will conduct the bidding for the US TV rights […]

Doing The Saturday Linkage

I got up early this morning (not that you care) and it now enables me to do some links for you. Some good stuff out today. First USA Today’s Mike McCarthy, we learn that Joe Theismann claims he has not been told about any changes to the NFL Network Thursday Night Football booth. Earlier this […]

Providing The Monday Links

Having already gone to a jobsite early this morning and having returned to the office already, I have some time to provide you with the Monday links. There’s a lot of stuff out there already so without further delay, here are your media links for today. From USA Today, Michael Hiestand writes that CBS certainly […]

Coming Back For Sunday Links

After not being able to bring you the Friday megalinks or even Saturday linkage, I have some time to provide the Sunday linkage. Some good stuff here and don’t forget to read my Sunday thoughts. USA Today’s Mike McCarthy breaks news that former co-host of Versus’ The Daily Line, Jenn Sterger will give her first […]

Some Thursday Links

This day has been a headspinner as there was too much commotion at my Massachusetts office and the minute I step into the Rhode Island office, there was too much commotion. It’s the type of day where college basketball needs to reign supreme and thankfully, the NCAA Tournament is back in action. In case you’re […]

Finally Getting To The Linkage

Being surprised earlier today by a sudden trip to a jobsite threw me off today so I’m late getting to the linkage, but it’ll be here. Let’s go. First, Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute pens the first column as the ESPN Ombudsman. She and two other Poynter Institute faculty will write monthly columns, sometimes […]

Tiger Woods Appears With Jimmy Fallon

Late last night or early this morning, whichever you prefer, Tiger Woods made a rare talk show appearance. It was to promote his new video game. But before talking about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, he and Jimmy Fallon discussed how Woods gave him plenty of material over the last couple of years. […]

Monday’s Linkage or Back to Regularity

At least I hope I’m back to a regular schedule. Saturday and Sunday were a lost weekend. I couldn’t finish your Friday megalinks after I started them. And due to having a weekend that was scheduled behind my back, I could not do any linkage. Silly family commitments on both Saturday and Sunday and by […]

Our Sunday Linkage

Time for some Sunday linkage. Let’s see what’s out there. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News takes a look at where the NHL stands as far as its media partners, sponsorships and ratings are concerned. Mike writes that Golf Channel received good ratings for Tiger Woods’ 2011 debut to the PGA Tour on Thursday. In the […]

Thursday’s Linkage

I just keep accumulating tabs on my browser of sports media stories and I realized if I keep doing this, my computer will slow down and I’ll have to start rebooting Firefox. It’s a memory whore as it is, but keeping as many as 15 tabs open is not a good idea, so let’s do […]

Breaking Out the Tuesday Linkage

I hope to get these links done without interruption. I hate working from the RI main office because I get bogged down, but that’s what happens when you don’t have a car like I do. I have to depend on others to get me where I’m going and I can’t get to my MA office […]

Fang’s Bites’ Big Dozen Sports Media Stories of 2010

Another year is over and another year is just beginning. It’s time to review the 12 biggest stories in sports media in the year of 2010 A.D. We had plenty of stories to choose from. Not every one made the cut. Some will receive honorable mentions. Others will be listed here. Sports media never sleeps […]

Ratings For Tiger Woods’ Last Round of 2010 Up

NBC got very good ratings for the PGA Tour’s Chevron World Challenge, what essentially is the last official golf tournament of the year before golf’s Silly Season starts. If you’re not aware of the Silly Season, it’s where golf players can make money on unofficial tournaments and rake in the cash. You’ll start to see […]

Golf Channel Expands Golf Central For Tiger Woods Press Confernce

With Tiger Woods expected to win the Chevron World Challenge today, Golf Channel will expand its post-tournament coverage on Golf Central to include his press conference. If you want to bag those plans to watch the late NFL games, this is an alternative for you. Golf Central Extended to One Hour Tonight; Tiger Woods’ Post-Tournament […]

Finally, Some Linkage

Well, it’s been a long ten days since I last did linkage. First, it was the Thanksgiving holidays, then work became crazy. I was able to do press releases as they came into the Fang’s Bites inbox, but you’ve been owed some so let’s get to it without further delay. Mike Reynolds at Multichannel News […]

Golf Channel’s Live Tournaments For This Weekend

Golf Channel has plenty of live action on this first weekend of December including the PGA Tour’s Chevron World Challenge and the LPGA Tour Championship. Plenty of stuff for the golf fan starting this morning. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for viewers. Golf Channel Live Tournament Coverage: Dec. 2-6 Tiger Woods Hosts […]