NBC Shows a Tape Delayed Match at the French Open

If you watched or are watching NBC’s coverage of the French Open, you may have noticed it’s not the Roger Federer-Juan Martin Del Potro match that is currently underway. It’s a good match and is currently in the 4th set. Newsday’s Neil Best noticed this as well. Why NBC did not choose the Federer match […]

Saturday Link Action

I went to work this morning, went to lunch and now I’m back at the home office. Time for some linkage before the Final Four tips off. I’m still in shock over the news that the New York Times Company is threatening to close the Boston Globe. I knew things were bad at the Globe, […]

Sunday Links

As I get ready to run some errands and listen to the NFL on Sirius Satellite Radio, I’m going to give you some links. We start with dueling columns and that’s always fun to have in the links. Neil Best of Newsday has an extensive sit-down interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa as he discusses the […]

I'm Too Busy To Blog Today, But I Do Have A Few Links

I’m in the midst of heading to the home office which does not have wi-fi or high speed internet access so I won’t be giving you an update until later tonight. I can recommend this excellent article from Friend of Fang’s Bites Christopher Byrne of the Eye on Sports Media blog. He has Part II […]

Monday Night Update

Let’s give you some links this evening. First, from Neil Best of Newsday, he has transcribed what Chris Russo of WFAN said to open the Mike & the Mad Dog show today. Russo responds to Neil’s story that Mike & the Mad Dog could split up by Labor Day. A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin says Don […]

Your Saturday Links

I’m going to be heading to work soon so I’ll give you some quick links here and then head out. Let’s start with Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News who writes about Texas Rangers radio voice Eric Nadel who’s going into his 30th season with the club. Over to the San Antonio Express-News and […]

Some Saturday Links

I’ve been out running errands on the day before the Super Bowl. I am monitoring the Prof Football Hall of Fame announcements on the NFL Network as well and when they’re up, I’ll post them on the blog. First, Newsday’s Neil Best writes that NFL Films President Steve Sabol is another person who’s been to […]

Another Late Tuesday Night Update

I just can’t seem to stop blogging today. By the way, I’ve been watching the re-broadcast of Super Bowl XXXVI, the game which started the Patriots Dynasty. Besides seeing what is in essence the start of the Patriots’ rise in the NFL over the last 7 years, the highlight for me was watching the performance […]

Time for the Sunday Links

Let’s give you some Sunday links today. We begin with Newsday’s Neil Best who writes about seeing NHL games online through its Center Ice package. In his blog, Neil talks more about Center Ice and why he likes to go off the beaten path in his columns. Interesting story from the Sports Media Watch blog […]

It's the Saturday Links

Let’s give you our Saturday links as we in the Northeast prepare for the big storm on Sunday. Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News writes about some shuffling of the NFL Network announcing team over the next few games and also talks with Fox’s Joe Buck. Jerry Garcia in the San Antonio Express-News reviews […]

Friday Megalinks will be late

Thanks to the snowstorm that hit Southern New England that tied up traffic from 1 p.m. to essentially midnight and to the fact I was at a jobsite in the middle of said snowstorm and had to drive in that mess for six hours to my house, I was not able to blog about the […]

Your Sunday Links

I hope you set your clocks back one hour before you went to bed last night. For me, it was nice to get an hour extra of sleep. Now that we have our extra hour, it’s time to give you the links for today. The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick sarcastically calls for an instant […]

Some Saturday Links

Good morning and I’m in a bit of a rush as I’m trying to do this before I have to head out. First, Chris Pursell of TV Week in his Pressbox blog gives us his NFL Week 7 broadcast preview. Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News writes that the Cowboys are truly a ratings […]

Tuesday Night Linkage

Time to give you a few links tonight before heading to bed. It appears that the NFL’s TV partners will not have to deal with the silly 45 seconds of online video rule for their websites. The Sports Business Journal’s Eric Fisher, Dan Kaplan and John Ourand report that the 45 second rule does not […]

Friday Morning or Day 5 of the D & C Lockout

Day 5 of the WEEI/Dennis & Callahan lockout. It appears that there’s no end in sight to this. Over at Boston Sports Media Watch, David Scott says WEEI’s parent company, Entercom has trumped John Dennis & Gerry Callahan and their options are for the most part, limited except for a return to WEEI. Jessica Heslam […]

Friday Update Linkage

I’m thoroughly enjoying the online coverage of the PGA Championship from Southern Hills. I do wish CBS would allow its coverage to be made available online, but seeing TNT’s first and second round simulcast is enough for me. Again, I’ll provide the link for you here. Let’s provide some more links this afternoon before I […]

The Wednesday Night Update

Good evening. Barry Bonds isn’t playing tonight so there’s no need to watch the Braves-Giants game on TBS. So instead, I’m watching Ninja Warrior on G4. Very entertaining indeed. The Sports Media Watch blog has a good entry today on the NBA referee gambling scandal. While some media pundits feel this spells the end of […]

I'm here. Your Links are Safe and Sound

Ok, back from the jobsite. I’ll give you as many links as possible today. Let’s begin with David Scott from Boston Sports Media He has been away for a while so he catches up with a mega-column today featuring stuff about WEEI/WRKO Program Director Jason Wolfe’s troubles, NESN doing its own PTI, Dale Arnold […]

The Wednesday Links

Back on a Wednesday and time for the links. The Big Ten Network has set its studio lineup and most of its game announcing crews. Michael Hiestand of USA Today has the story. Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune says the announcing crews will have a Fox flavor. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Bob Wolfey also has […]

Back to Work Links

If you’re back at work, this is a grind. But if you’re on vacation, I don’t want to hear about it. LOL. Anyway, time to check the links to see what’s going on. The big sporting event this week will be The Open Championship at Carnoustie. I don’t know if anyone will be providing online […]