Doin’ The Monday Links

Let’s do some Monday links today. Here’s a note for you all. Starting from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday, I won’t be here. I’ll be attending a wedding in Boston. I will have some stuff for you that will publish on Thursday and Friday so you’ll see fresh content here, but I won’t be able to […]

Quotage From TNT’s Coverage of PGA Championship, Final Round

I wasn’t able to post this earlier as I was playing chauffeur, but I want to give props again to Turner Sports for sending this out right as TNT was signing off its coverage of the PGA Championship. Tremendous. Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the PGA Championship from Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis. – Final Round […]

Quotage From TNT’s Coverage of The PGA Championship, 2nd & 3rd Round

Once again, the great people at Turner Sports have sent the press release from the PGA Championship within minutes of sign-off. With coverage including the conclusion of the 2nd round and the start of the 3rd, I present this press release. Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the PGA Championship from Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis. […]

Friday Night Megalinks

After playing chauffeur all day today, it’s time to do some linkage for you. As usual, we have the Weekend Viewing Picks. And now to our links. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand and Mike McCarthy debate the Jim Gray/Corey Pavin dispute. Fanhouse’s John Walters was able to go inside ESPN’s college football meetings this week. John […]

Quotage From TNT’s Coverage of PGA Championship, 2nd Round

This came one minute. One mere minute after TNT signed off its coverage of the PGA Championship. That’s quite impressive. Thanks to the great people at Turner Sports PR for sending this. Makes my job easier. Here’s the quotage. Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the PGA Championship from Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis. – Round […]

Quotage From TNT’s Coverage of PGA Championship, 1st Round

Gotta hand it to the people at Turner Sports. The quick turnaround of the quotage from what was a very long broadcast is rather impressive. So if you missed anything from today’s coverage, you have this to refer to. Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the PGA Championship from Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis. – Round […]

Your Thursday Links

Let’s do the Thursday links as I have to leave early to avoid Patriots traffic ahead of their preseason game against the Saints tonight. Onto the links. Steve Elling of reports about a confrontation between Golf Channel’s Jim Gray and Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin over a quote Gray reported earlier this week.  Stephanie […]

CBS Sports Previews The PGA Championship

Earlier this week, CBS held a media conference with its golf announcing crew, production crew and sports division president Sean McManus. They all talked about the upcoming PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. Here are highlights from the conference call. CBS SPORTS BROADCASTS PGA CHAMPIONSHIP FOR 20th CONSECUTIVE YEAR AUGUST 12-15 FROM WHISTLING STRAITS IN KOHLER, […]

The Tuesday Links Or Getting Through Some Stuff

Dealing with work and trying to finish up some stuff, but while I have a break, let’s do the linkage for you. First, USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at the ratings from various events from the weekend.  Mike also writes about Fox NFL Sunday analyst Jimmy Johnson being a contestant on CBS’ Survivor: Nicaragua this […]

Golf Channel Is All Over The PGA Championship

Golf’s final major of the year or “Glory’s Last Shot” as the PGA calls it, is this week. The PGA Championship tees off on Thursday on TNT, but Golf Channel will have plenty of coverage in and around the tournament. Golf Channel will have live coverage of the pre-tournament press conferences in addition to its […]

More Sunday Links

Well, thanks to being informed at the very last minute that I’m having guests today, I had to stop the links earlier today and I had to clean my house. Anyway, as I’m waiting for their arrival, let’s get back to the linkage. Steve Lepore of SB Nation New York ranks the tri-state area’s best […]

Here Are Some Thursday Links

Trying to get ahead on some linkage before diving head first into some paperwork. Lots of stuff going on and let’s get busy, shall we? Tom Weir of USA Today’s Game On blog has ESPN denying LeBron James put pressure on the network to pull a story from its website. At Fanhouse, Milton Kent discusses […]

Turner Sports To Produce The 92nd PGA Championship In 3-D

2010 will be remembered as the year where 3-D TV really gained a foothold on sports television. Looking back on the test events last year and compare that to the number of events produced in 3-D this year, you have a considerable jump in the amount of sports produced in the 3rd dimension. Well, Turner […]

Some Additional Wednesday Links

Ok, let me provide you with some additional linkage here. I got interrupted and posted my original links rather hastily. Then I had to tape this week’s Sports Media Weekly Podcast with Keith Thibault and our guest, Susan Shan so let’s bring you the rest of the linkage now. We’re getting word that ESPN spiked […]

TNT Will Be All Over The PGA Championship

Turner Sports sent out this release very early considering the PGA Championship is less than a month away, but always good to get some pub for it as much as you can. So here’s the release which includes TNT’s coverage plans. TNT to Feature 20 Hours of Televised Coverage for the 92nd PGA Championship                 […]

Jim Nantz Remembers His Top 25 Memories During His 25 Years at CBS

It’s hard to believe that Jim Nantz has been at CBS for 25 years, but he has. He’s called just about every major sport at CBS except for baseball which he acknowledges he can’t do well. But other than MLB, if CBS had the rights for the sport, Jim has just about called or hosted […]

CBS Begins Another Season of Golf

This weekend, CBS Sports gets back into the PGA Tour. For as long as CBS has been broadcasting sports, it has aired golf. Other sports have come and gone, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, College Basketball and Football, Olympics, but the one constant has been golf. And CBS has 23 golf tournaments including annual coverage of […]

CBS' PGA Championship Rating Up 150% on Sunday

CBS continues to reap the benefits of having a duel involving Tiger Woods down the stretch. Satuday’s third round rating was up almost 400% from the previous year which went up against the Olympics and didn’t have Tiger Woods. Now this year for Sunday with Y.E. Yang and Woods involved in Match Play down the […]

Two PGA Championship Press Releases From Sunday

Because I was out all day Sunday, I was not able to post these releases. First, CBS says its ratings for the 3rd round for the PGA Championship from Saturday were up a whopping 390%!!!!! Three guesses why and the first two don’t count. One hint. First name begins with Tiger. CBS SPORTS’ THIRD ROUND […]

Turner Sports' Notes from the PGA Championship

Two press releases from TNT/Turner Sports regarding the PGA Championship. First, we have quotage from the 3rd round. Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the PGA Championship from Hazeltine National Golf Club – Round Three – Friday, August 15, 2009 TNT’s coverage of the PGA Championship will continue with final round coverage on Sunday from 11 […]