NESN’s Heidi Watney Can Perform Weddings

Last Saturday, George Couture married his sweetheart Alley Jablonski at Fenway Park. They were supposed to be married during the afternoon. The problem was the Red Sox moved their game against the Oakland A’s to an afternoon start to accommodate fans who wanted to see the Boston Bruins play the Vancouver Canucks that night. So […]

NESN’s Heidi Watney Tries Not To Gag On Chicken Waffles

Last week, NESN’s Heidi Watney paid a visit to the MLB Fan Cave in New York. I’m not a fan of the Fan Cave, but I digress. You may remember in April during a visit to Jacobs Field in Cleveland, she attempted to sample some chicken waffles and gagged. That video went viral as not […]

Doing Some Friday Megalinkage

Now that I’ve learned that I don’t have to travel in between two offices today, I’ll do some megalinks for you. You can check out the Weekend Sports and Primetime Viewing Picks here. Now to your links. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today talks with TNT’s Steve Kerr on the similarities he sees between the […]

NESN Announces Red Sox Coverage Plans For 2011

This from NESN, a.k.a. The New England Sports Network, we have their coverage plans for the Boston Red Sox. Overall, NESN will carry 150 regular season games plus plenty of pregame and postgame programming. In addition, there will be weekly programming involved. Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy return to call the games in their 11th […]

NESN To Air Red Sox Town Hall on Monday

NESN airs a Town Hall meeting this Monday. Fans both in attendance and through NESN’s website will be allowed to ask questions of Red Sox ownership. Of the Red Sox management team, fans will see Tom “Smiley” Werner, Larry “The Fixer” Lucchino, manager Terry Francona and General Manager Theo “Round Up The Usual Suspects” Epstein. […]

Doing A Late Night Friday Megalink Thing

Time to do the megalinkage on this Friday. Lots of things going on today into this evening and let’s get cracking. Of course, we have the Weekend Viewing Picks. Now let’s do the links. National USA Today’s Michael McCarthy wants to know who’s your favorite NFL announcer. Mike says this year’s World Series ratings are […]

Squeezing Out Some Tuesday Links

Well, I don’t have to rush back to another office today so I’ll provide some much desired linkage. We’ve already heard about Brett Favre this morning and I don’t want to suckered into another summer of “Will he or won’t he” again. Tired of the whole machinations and ESPN having Rachel Nichols stationed in Mississippi […]

Here Are Some Thursday Links

Trying to get ahead on some linkage before diving head first into some paperwork. Lots of stuff going on and let’s get busy, shall we? Tom Weir of USA Today’s Game On blog has ESPN denying LeBron James put pressure on the network to pull a story from its website. At Fanhouse, Milton Kent discusses […]

Back to Work Links

Back to work after a weekend that was much too short. I’ll do some linkage for you now. Starting with USA Today’s Michael Hiestand who says ESPN’s Jon Gruden has adjusted to being a TV personality. John Ourand and Michael Smith of the Sports Business Journal give us the anatomy of the CBS/Turner deal for […]

Bringing You Thursday Linkage

Let’s do the Thursday links. I’m waiting on an employee who was supposed to be here at 9:30. It’s now past ten. Not good when someone’s late. Here are your links. USA Today’s Vicki Michaelis looks at the legacy of former International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch who died yesterday at the age of […]

Late Night Linkage

It’s been quite some time since I have done late night links. Usually, I reserve late night for posting the press releases, but since I still don’t have a TV and there was a minimal amount of sports that I wanted to see, I was quite productive posting the release earlier tonight so I can […]

Crazy Thursday Linkage

Well, where do I begin? There’s the Erin Andrews story which continues to pick up momentum. And we have ESPN finally acknowledging the Ben Roethlisberger civil lawsuit story two days after other media outlets have been reporting it. Personally, I found some Harry Chapin albums on iTunes and videos on YouTube so expect to see […]

Thursday Stuff

I have some links for you today. The Boston Herald’s Inside Track Girls report that NESN’s Heidi Watney is dating a former Fenway Park groundskeeper. Thanks to Sox & Dawgs for that link. So much for the rumors Heidi dating Jason Veritek. The lovely Jessica Heslam of the Herald reports that the New England Patriots […]

Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote – 2008

Last year, I had an entry, Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote. Every once in a while, I notice people doing a Google search for the women on that list will stop on that page and look at what I came up with. If you don’t want to click on the […]