Let’s Get Back To The Linkage

I owe you some links having not been able to do them either Monday or Tuesday. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks about the ratings for LSU-Alabama not being as high as the previous #1 vs. #2 college football Game of the Century. The great Richard Deitsch at Sports Illustrated has his Media Power List for […]

Doing The Wednesday Links

Let’s provide some mid-week linkage for you. Sports Business Daily recaps how ESPN’s SportsCenter handled NBA highlights on what should have been the Opening Night of the regular season. SBD also looks at Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt’s agreement to sell the team at auction. Paul Thomasch with Reuters says MLB is looking to […]

Doing A Few Sunday Links

Let’s some linkage on this Sunday. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News writes that the NBA lockout has forced the cancellation of the rest of its November games forcing ESPN, TNT, NBA TV and regional sports networks to fill huge programming holes. Michael Malone at Multichannel notes that some Hawaiian viewers lost part of Thursday’s Game […]

Doing Some Quick Wednesday Linkage

Lots of stuff going on here and it’s prevented me from providing links. I’ll do some now while I can. Anthony Crupi of Adweek reports that the NFL has put the kybosh on a new Thursday Night Football package until next season. Michael Smith and John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal report that with […]

Quick Tuesday Linkage

I’ll provide a few links now, then as I’m watching Catching Hell on ESPN, I’ll attempt a few more links to complete the set. Earlier today, I wrote a recap of Blogs with Balls 4. Check it out. One of the stars of BWB4 was Bomani Jones of He wrote why he feels there’s […]

Back For Some Sunday Linkage

Ok, back from New York after attending “Blogs with Balls 4” at the Bloomberg world headquarters on Lexington Avenue. I’ll have a recap of the event later today. But I’ll give you some links since I was unable to blog yesterday. Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News says MLB Network has signed several cable providers for […]

Friday Megalinks Or The Return of Linkage

Due to being at jobsites for the last few days, I haven’t been able post links like I’ve wanted to. I apologize for that. I have tried to be diligent in updating as much as I can. I have quite a bit to catch up with. I may be a blogging machine as I have […]

Doing Some Thursday Linkage

Let’s provide links while I can. Trying not to make this a week where links are scarce. Let’s get this done. First, Jessica E. Vascellaro and Darren Everson of the Wall Street Journal look at how infusions of TV rights money has changed college sports not necessarily for the better. John Ourand at Sports Business […]

ESPN Films Announces Fall Slate of Documentaries

Doing a little bit of housecleaning from press releases that have piled up in the Fang’s Bites inbox over the last few weeks. We have this post on the documentaries ESPN will air this fall from the ESPN Films brand. Call it another slate of “30 for 30” films, but it doesn’t fall under the […]

A Quiet Wednesday Linkfest

Was out of the office again earlier today so I’m getting to these rather late. Let’s look at what we have today. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says the new CBS Sports/Showtime documentary on this year’s Army-Navy football game will have touches of reality TV. Mike McCarthy of USA Today notes that TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal and […]

Trying To Do A Friday Megalink Session

I’m hoping to get this entire Megalink session finished in one sitting. It’s been a crazy day thus far. Of course, all of your weekend sport and entertainment programming are featured in the Weekend Viewing Picks. Let’s get to the linkage now. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today speaks with noted baseball announcing author Curt […]

Cranking Out The Sunday Links

Let’s give you some linkage on this Sunday morning. I’m at work again. No rest for the weary here. Cam Martin of SportsNewser writes that Sports Illustrated’s Peter King broke news this weekend about HBO’s Hard Knocks. David Whitley of the Sporting News says there’s some hypocrisy in the Big 12’s criticism of the Longhorn […]

The Complete Friday Megalinks

Friday’s have become maddening. I was out of the office earlier today and expect to be out again later, but I’m doing the Megalinks early so I can be done with them and be free for other stuff tonight. As always, check out the Weekend Viewing Picks for the sports and entertaining programming. National We’ll […]

Let’s Do Some Wednesday Linkage

On this rainy Wednesday in Southern New England, let me do some links. I hope the weather where you are is dry and sunny. I’ll start today off with John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal who says Comcast may have appeared to have overbid for the Olympics, but it may pay off in the […]

ESPN Films Has A Home On ESPN Classic

Thanks to the success of the “30 for 30” series, ESPN Films will make ESPN Classic its home. I think this is a good move. So every weekend, 50 hours of films will be aired on ESPN Classic starting Friday night at 10 ET and lasting until Sunday at midnight. That’s a lot of films. […]

Working On Your Tuesday Links

It’s been a busy day for me as I’ve been working on the story on NBC approving plans for a Stanley Cup Final Viewing Party at TD Garden in Boston. Amazing how things fall into place on a story like that. But still working to confirm on the Bruins and Garden end of the story. […]

Quick Sunday Linkage

The last couple of days have killed me going to New York on Friday for business then having to go to work on Saturday preventing me from really reacting to the Dick Ebersol resignation. I will do a Sunday thoughts column today and also start answering the mailbag. Good questions from all of you. If […]

ESPN Films Presents Documentary on 1986 Masters

Coming up on Wednesday, ESPN will present a documentary on the 1986 Masters where Jack Nicklaus at age 46 becoming the oldest golfer to win the Green Jacket at Augusta. Of course, the ESPN Films presentation will air on the eve of the first round of The Masters® which begins the following day and it […]

Bringing Out the Wednesday Links

Ok, let’s do the Wednesday linkage. Quite a few things to get to. We begin with Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal who when we last saw him during the World Series last October, was wearing a bowtie despite his protests to management. Well, we find that Ken will continue wearing a bowtie this season, but rather […]

Some Thursday Links

This day has been a headspinner as there was too much commotion at my Massachusetts office and the minute I step into the Rhode Island office, there was too much commotion. It’s the type of day where college basketball needs to reign supreme and thankfully, the NCAA Tournament is back in action. In case you’re […]