Best apps to make money while playing games

Fantasy Sports are becoming popular day by day. It has become a great topic on which one can converse with their friends on a coffee table. Watching sports has never been so exciting. And the best part you can win real money while you just sit back, relax and watch your favourite sports.


Is one of the most prominent names in Fantasy sports provider. It lets you join leagues and enter Fantasy sports contests which are held on a daily and weekly basis. By playing in these contests and leagues you can win real money.

DraftKings have tons of sports to choose from and start making some real while escaping from the day to day life. It supports all five major American sport and much more like NBA, NFL, UEFA, MMA, MLB, NHL, Premier League, NASCAR, Auto Racing, Canadian Football league, Arena league, and tennis.

NFL Fantasy

NFL Fantasy got a major update in 2019 season after which it has become quite a place to start for the player with no experience in the world of Fantasy sports. Simple and user-friendly interface, latest news on every player and data sourced directly from NFL itself. The update also improved the player profiles and stats changed the Teams section which is now backed up by an improved player comparison tool. NFL Fantasy has all that one can require to start winning.

CBS Sports

A very versatile sports fantasy platform that covers almost all the major sorts and their major events. It is preferable to play your fantasy league as it will render major benefits. CBS provides you all that you need to make your fantasy sports journey as easy as it could get. It provides you with many features such as a draft companion, season projections, player news, and player rankings. 

Rotowire Fantasy football Draft Kit

With a long history of providing useful tools and happy users, Rotowire is a no brainer, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or beginner. It creates a cheat sheet for drafts based on the player’s performance projection. Users can even run a draft against a highly efficient AI and view detailed projections. You can find all kinds of information for the draft and team creation. To take your paly to next level Rotowire is a great companion. 


Who thought nightmare social media platform for any celebrity could prove to be a boon tool for Fantasy spots drafters. You can find tons of information on blogs, stats sites, and sport news sites and even score. Left-Wing Lock is one such site specifically for fantasy sports players. Injuries, accidents, performance are updated regularly there. Give twitter a try and you might just find what need to win the next big lotto.

Pocket Casts

Podcast app which is on the top of its game right now, Pocket Casts has a variety of Fantasy Sports Podcasts going on. These include daily and weekly discussions on player stats, projections, performances and much more.  

So these were the best picks of the fantasy sports platforms one might find available. Bwin, ESPN, DraftPunk are some more apps on which you can bet at home and back some real cash. Give them a try and find which one best compliments you.