What was behind Connor “The Notorious” McGregor vs Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov on Instagram

You might be aware of the fight that has been going on between Connor Notorious McGregor and Khabib The Eagle, on the famous photo sharing platform Instagram. 

UFC Star McGregor gave an in-depth analysis of his round-by-round fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov in the UFC 229 main event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. And wait, this happened after the fight too place. But, the fight and verbal exchange over Instagram, hasn’t just been limited to the post-fight phase. This world-famous confrontation was surely not the one you’d have to buy Instagram likes on to boost its fame.

Even before the fight, Connor McGregor had sent a warning to Khabib Nurmagomedov. He had posted a photo over the social media platform Instagram, in which his hands were in the air, he was at a training session in SBG Ireland, and he had written the caption,

“Ireland’s caged animal only God can judge me.”

This comment not only gained popularity because it was posted by a well-known martial arts fighter, but also because Connor McGregor had not stepped inside the cage, for two years. 

It was going to be one of the biggest returns inside the cage, and this event at T-arena lighted up the moment further. And his comment, further, created the hype and he was able to gain the attention of the media and also the Instagram users. 

This warning for “The Eagle” gained a lot of attraction, and even the UFC President acknowledged the fact that Connor’s fight with Khabib could turn out to be their biggest pay-per-view fight, and it could go around two-million pay-per-view, which would have been the biggest in the history of the organization. 

It was going to be the first mixed martial arts match, and therefore a lot of people were excited about it. The spectators, and even the members of the organization were waiting for this fight to happen.

After that the controversy stretched further, when Khabib’s father Abdulmanap slammed Connor McGregor’s actions over the social media. He further told the media that,

Mentally they can’t get (under our skin). In that aspect we are standing firm,”

“We are even letting certain things pass. But we are not forgiving anything.

“The cage and the fight are still ahead (for Khabib and Conor).”

By all these comments over Connor, Abdulmanap made it quite clear that he had other ideas and he along with his son, was prepared for the fight and that their fight would turn out in their favour. He had said to the reporter that Connor’s return to the cage would certainly be a night, which he’d try to forget. 

“For the hype, for the money, to bury Conor’s era it (the situation) is even better for us. But if we talk purely sports-wise – we still want the Ferguson fight,” he added.

“I really want him to come back and defeat (Anthony) Pettis. The intrigue is still there, and the whole world is interested (in the Ferguson fight).

“It would be 11 and 0 Khabib (in the UFC), 11 and 0 for him. And the fight that hasn’t happened yet.”

These were some of the comments, by Abdulmanap. 

And on the other hand, even Nurmagomedov was waiting for this opportunity of facing McGregor, as he had also been away from the Octagon, for nearly 22 months, at the time of this verbal exchange.

“Me versus Conor, this is the biggest fight in UFC history,” the Dagestan native said. “People want to watch this fight. Conor is money fight; he is very popular and he has a very big name.

“He has only one chance. A lucky punch. He has only a left-hand. That’s it. Worry about wrestling, worry about grappling.

“My dream is to smash this guy. My dream is to make this guy like chicken inside the cage. What I want is the cage closed, then we know everything.”

These were the comments by the Eagle, and certainly the fight event also turned out to be amazing, and gathered a lot of attention, due to this heated exchange, prior to the competition.

However, all these famous fighters and personalities get a lot of likes over their posts, due to their huge fan base, and that’s also a reason why, this exchange got over-hyped. If you have a fan base, then the huge number of likes do play a role, in promoting and spreading the content!