Online Gambling No No’s for Noobs

Online casinos. They’re a thing of beauty, aren’t they? They provide gamblers with the ability to gamble without having to leave the comfort of their home. A seasoned online gambler will be able to tell whether an online casino is a scam from a simple glance at their screen.

But noobs to the world of online gambling? Not so much.

Have you been considering trying your hand in one of the new online casinos Canada and Australia are fast becoming known for? Gambling online can be dangerous territory for newbies, so make sure to keep the following in mind. 

Lack of Licensing

In order to handle any kind of financial transaction, an online casino needs to be licensed. A license serves as a sign that the site in question has met all of the minimum requirements as laid out by the relevant licensing board. If there is one “no” that is the biggest of all “no’s”, this is it.

Licenses are there to help guide us as consumers and just like you wouldn’t consider getting in a car with an unlicensed driver you shouldn’t even entertain the thought of gambling in an unlicensed online casino.

If the online casino you’ve had your eye on isn’t licensed with one of the following licensing boards, consider that Red Flag Number 1.

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Curacao eGaming
  • The Gambling Commission of Great Britain
  • The Swedish Gambling Authority
  • The Danish Gambling Authority
  • And a handful of others

Ripping Reviews

Before giving an online casino a single cent of your money, it’s your responsibility to do your due diligence by researching them. The internet is a powerful thing. Lucky for us, and you, internet users aren’t shy to express their feelings & will often detail their experiences in the form of online reviews.

Start off your research by reading reviews left by people who have used the site before. Granted, no single online casino will have only positive reviews but it’s the ratio of positive to negative reviews you need to focus on. If an online casino has significantly more negative reviews than positive reviews, spend your money elsewhere. Trust us.    

Payout Problems

Much can be ascertained by reading reviews left by past users. Keep your eyes peeled for mentions of slow payouts while reading such reviews. More often than not, online casinos that are slow to pay out winnings are scams and there’s a chance that you’ll never see a cent.

Another payout problem to keep in mind is the withdrawal fee charged by the casino. While it’s common for online casinos to charge a small withdrawal fee, if a casino wants you to fork over 25% of your winnings under the guise of a “transaction fee”—you’re on the receiving end of a scam. 

Bonus Baiting

Because the online arena of gambling is so competitive it’s not uncommon for online casinos to offer some sort of bonus as an incentive to sign up on their platform rather than one of their competitors. In fact, it’s considered something of a standard practice these days.

But what is not common with reputable online casinos is bonus baiting. This is when an online casino uses bonuses to attract new players, but the players never actually receive these bonuses. Unlike the other no no’s featured on this list, bonus baiting is exceptionally difficult to spot unless reviews explicitly mention it.

No Numbers

As is the case with any institution, organization or service provider it’s important for you to be able to contact the online casino when you need to. Legit online casinos will have a contact number listed on their site whereas a dodgy one will not.

In addition to a contact number it’s a good idea to opt for an online gambling site that publicly displays their email address and location of their development headquarters.   

Final Thoughts

Legitimate online gambling is one of the best ways to make money, finesse your abilities and get your heart racing & your palms sweating. They’re also a great way to simply have fun and pass the time without ever having to leave your home.

If you visit an online casino that has any of the no no’s we listed—run for the hills and keep your hard-earned money close to your chest.

Dedicate the time and effort to finding online casinos that are the best of the best—you’ll thank us later.

Marcelo Villa

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